Bangladesh’s Garment Export Surpasses China in the European Union

Bangladesh's Garment Export Surpasses China in the European Union

The European Union (EU) is one of the largest global markets for garment exports, and in recent years, Bangladesh has emerged as a major player in the industry. According to recent data, Bangladesh has surpassed China in terms of garment exports to the EU, making it one of the leading suppliers of clothing to this region.

Many major international clothing brands source garments from Bangladesh for export to the European Union (EU). Some of the most well-known brands that are known to source from Bangladesh include H&M, Zara, Primark, C&A, and Tesco. Additionally, many smaller and local brands in the EU also import garments from Bangladesh. The exact brands that source from Bangladesh can vary, but the country is known for producing high-quality, cost-effective clothing that is popular with many global brands and retailers.

This growth in Bangladesh’s garment exports is attributed to several factors, including favorable government policies, investment in the sector, and the country’s strong labor force. Bangladesh has also been able to offer competitive prices to its customers, as the cost of labor and production is relatively low compared to other countries. In addition, the country has made significant investments in improving the quality and sustainability of its products, which has helped it to gain a competitive edge in the EU market.

Another factor that has contributed to Bangladesh’s success in the EU market is its focus on providing quality products that meet the needs and preferences of European consumers. The country’s garment manufacturers have invested heavily in research and development to ensure that they are able to produce products that meet the high standards demanded by EU consumers.

In addition to its focus on quality, Bangladesh has also been able to build strong relationships with its customers in the EU. This has helped to ensure that the country is able to meet the demands of its customers and to maintain its position as a leading supplier of clothing to the region.

Overall, Bangladesh’s success in the EU garment market is a testament to the country’s commitment to its industry and its ability to adapt to the changing needs of its customers. With continued investment and improvement, Bangladesh is well positioned to maintain its position as a leading supplier of clothing to the EU for years to come.

Garment Factory Growth in Bangladesh: A Booming Industry

Garment Factory Growth in Bangladesh A Booming Industry

Bangladesh has rapidly become one of the world’s leading garment-producing countries, with the industry contributing significantly to its economy. In the last decade, the garment factory sector has experienced massive growth, making it one of the most important industries in the country.

One of the key factors contributing to the growth of the garment factory sector in Bangladesh is its abundant supply of low-cost labor. Bangladesh has a large, young, and educated workforce, and wages in the country are significantly lower than in other countries in the region, such as China and India. This has made Bangladesh an attractive destination for international clothing brands looking to cut costs and increase profits.

The Bangladesh government has also played a crucial role in supporting the growth of the garment factory sector. The government has implemented various initiatives and policies to encourage investment in the industry, including tax breaks and subsidies, as well as providing infrastructure and support services to help factories operate more efficiently.

Another factor that has contributed to the growth of the garment factory sector in Bangladesh is the country’s favorable geographic location. Bangladesh is located at the crossroads of South and Southeast Asia, making it an ideal location for shipping and transportation. This has enabled clothing brands to efficiently transport their products to markets around the world.

Despite its impressive growth, the garment factory sector in Bangladesh still faces significant challenges. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring worker safety and rights, as many factories in Bangladesh have been criticized for poor working conditions, low wages, and a lack of basic worker rights. The Bangladesh government and international organizations have been working to address these issues, but much work remains to be done to improve the lives of the millions of workers in the industry.

In conclusion, the garment factory sector in Bangladesh has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and it continues to play a vital role in the country’s economy. However, there are still significant challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that this industry continues to grow in a sustainable and responsible manner.

The Top Ten German Clothing Brands

The Top Ten German Clothing Brands

Clothing is an essential component of daily life; everybody needs to wear something to cover their body. People wear clothes to express their status and personality. Clothes are also used to keep people warm during cold temperatures. German clothing brands play an important role in the world market because they’re stylish and budget-friendly. People from around the world wear German clothing brands to suit their tastes.

German fashion is widely accepted worldwide thanks to its fashionable designs. Black is the most popular German color; it’s used in both male and female designs to add masculinity or femininity to clothing. White is also a popular German color because it’s typically used to add class to outfits. Other common German colors include red, gold, blue and navy blue. Men tend to wear more masculine German clothing compared to women. Both genders have a wide variety of options when selecting German fashion.

Clothing manufacturers try their best to appeal to every Germans’ wallet with outlet stores. These are large warehouses where manufacturers sell excess stock for discounted prices. Many Germans visit these warehouses at least once a week as they hunt for deals on German clothing. The warehouse workers know which items are in high demand among Germans and mark them down accordingly. This allows Germans with limited funds to buy expensive merchandise and look trendy while doing it. It’s no wonder Germany is such a powerhouse in the fashion industry!

German clothing is easily recognizable thanks to its numerous logos and colors. Marks & Spencer, H&M, Kaufhof and Abercrombie & Fitch are all internationally famous German brands that manufacture clothing for both men and women. M&S specializes in fine woolen fabrics while H&M sells affordable trendy clothes for both genders. Kaufhof is a high-end department store where people can easily afford German quality goods at affordable prices. Abercrombie & Fitch appeals primarily to young people with trendy clothing that appeals primarily to teenage boys.

Germany is one of the world’s leaders in fashion due to their excellent apparel manufacturing capabilities. Their high standards make for excellent quality and trendy designs that are loved by the international community. You can easily recognize German clothing due to their colors and well-known brands. Apparel outlets guarantee lower prices on popular German brands, allowing Germans to customize their wardrobe anyway they like best.

Sinking economy of India & and behind the scenes

Word economy has lost its balance due to Covid-19 pandemic since 2019. Largest economy in the world has come to their knees and struggling to retrieve its previous position. Most of the underdevelopment country in Asia has the same undeniable situation. India is one of those country locate in South Asia who suffered in such economic crisis even before Covid-19 pandemic. It was significantly reducing its GDP in last five to six years ruled by BJP government. Its touched at 23.9 in minus GDP growth in 2020 where their target was to achieve double digit. 5 trillion economies were the vision till 2021 and become the Vishwa Guru (World Leader) by Make in India and many more plans.  Expert says, political wrong decisions makes direct impact on economy and leads to today’s crisis. 

let’s Discuss Six major economic criteria where economy has impacted.

  1. Divide and Ruled

When British came to India for trade and occupied Indian continent and ruled over it by divide sect, community, language & Religion. They create hatred among various group in India and take taxes to save one from another. This is how current government playing the innocent people of India. NSA is a common IPC use to through someone behind the bar by government especially honest journalist and Muslim leaders, it’s very comment in current Indian situation. Government’s intention is to makes fight between Hindus & Muslims, take an example which was happened in Delhi last year.

2. Demonetization

Suddenly at evening 9 O’ Clock Mr. Prime Minister came live one TV and Declare 500 and 1000 rupees will no longer valid to use all India wide. It’s nothing but a pieces of paper, People can exchange those note in bank and this is how it has stopped and falling down the curve of economic growth.  People spend long time in front of ATM Booth and during this time people dies in waiting line. All small entrepreneur forced to slow down their business due to lack of Hard cash transaction. 

3. GST (Goods and services tax)

Small Business dies for this taxation system; One nation one tax was the idea and it could lead the country more financial growth but result was not hopefully at all. Its makes profitable for larger companies on the other hand small business are trapped in GST and forced them to shut their business.

4. Investment Non-friendly environment

India came first on ranking of most corruption leading country in south Asia. This country’s major younger people are job less even after completing higher education because of Investment Non-friendly environment. Foreign investor afraid to invest here in India. Local goons are asking extortion money for any business by the support of political parties. Bribe is key important part to pass any government work even its followed each criteria. So result is No Investment = No Plant (Job Scope) = No job = No economic growth. And finally doctors and engineers are being a part of pakoda yojana rather than work in hospital or in any project.

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Bangladesh is booming it’s economy in garment sector.

5. Media (the 4th Pillar of Democracy).

Indian media has loos it credibility in Indian even worldwide. They become meme and joke in this time in international media. They make fun of them because of their reporting styles and fake information. Ground reporting has abolished except a very few channel and took that place a new technique called debate. They select a topic to blame opposition, call expert, and of course ruling and opposition spoke person to make it an interesting debate. Sometime its go beyond of imagination with attacking persons, using slang language, do unusual things and physical fighting on air.

6. Bank Fraud (Black Money)

Estimate says; Indian black money currently present in Swiss and other offshore banks is estimated to be ₹300 lakh crores or US$1.5 trillion. There are too many names come to the front who has done bank fraud who was close to government and currently settled in foreign. There are too many incidents can be taken as an example about bank scam. People save their money to a bank and later on find out that Bankruptcy.

In the conclusion, there are few things need to change to overcome from this historic crisis. Let’s wait and see how government take any imitative action and find the way out. 

How to handle no job depression?

How to handle no job depression

Finding a job with no experience is a challenging task, as most of the job seeker think in this days. My question is don’t you know the people are working in leading position today? Who was like you, looking for job a certain time in their life. I agree; it’s a little difficult to get a job in saturated market place. But it’s not impossible and not even that much hard as you think. Some people make it complicated.

Let me tell you a story

Once a rich man saw a man almost frozen in coldness beside his castle. He walk towards him and ask how could you survive in such weather condition? And why don’t you get some worm cloths? I can’t afford to buy any worm cloths as per my low income, replied the poor man.

Rich man told him to wait their until he come back with some worm cloths. He go into the castle and got busy with servant and completely forget about that poor man. Next day morning he find him dead at the place where he suppose to wait for him.
The moral concept of this story is “the poor man adjust himself to survive in the weather condition without any worm cloths. When somebody assure him for worm cloths; he stopped fighting to survive and wait for worm cloths. And finally he died by frozen.

A person assure you that he/she will arrange a job for you. So you do the same things like the poor man. stopped fighting in job hunting and got nothing by the end of the day. It’s happens Most of the time.

A man must call you for interview if the organization need a person like you. What ever it’s by reference or from any job portal. So you have to fight until get the job.

I’ve observed no job depression

in my personal life; I got rejection without any valid reason when ever all of my interview, salary and formalities has done. I should’ve mention that I was over qualified for that position. This is the reason, COO of the company told me. Later on; I got job in the same organization in different department and amazingly double of salary. This is reality; you must accept that.

The intention of that story to tell you that some people in our society play the role like the rich man. On the other hand the poor man is you who looking for job. They show you that they are trying a lot to help you. But result? possibly nothing!

As far as I realize that most of the time they offer you the good food. You can’t eat, like the moral story of egret and fox. Such people kept remind you that you don’t have any experience. They offer you such job which required experience.

Let’s go through another story

that could help you to be Patience. Once a man jump in the ocean from a ship with any life boat. Because there is no life boat at all and the ship is sinking. Where he can go middle of the ocean without any boat and food? He was trying and trying to keep him alive with support of a piece of wood and hope.

It was night time and covered by darkness. He find a tiny island next morning to survive. Though that is a tiny island but it’s gave him shelter, food and water. He climb up to the peak of mountain looking for any ship. But unable to find any.

Finally he got the conclusion that this area is abandoned for ships. No big ships go through this way. Depth of the ocean isn’t good enough for any ships that’s why his ships was sunk.

He prepare him self to keep him alive and find a cave for shelter in night. Though that island isn’t a summer resort but he find the way to survive. Every day he climb up to the peak of mountain looking for any ship. But as far as he can see; nothing but water!

Now he hunt wild animal and roast in campfire which he made by stone’s. This Fire keeps him worm in night times when the temperature fall down. So he always keep it alive all the time what ever its day or night.

He knows the island very well and he has almost everything to keep him alive. But now he has losted the hope to go back to civilized society. So he doesn’t climb up to the peak of the mountain to looking for ships.

One day he goes to jungle for hunting and saw some smoke rising to the sky exact same direction of his shelter. He came back to the cave and see everything has gutted by his campfire. He lost everything which he gather himself for survival.

What you’ve done to me Allah? How would I survive any more in this island? This is how he crying and questioning to Allah.

How someting turn into unexpected?

He feels sleepy and slept on sand beside his gutted shelter. Dreaming that a ship has came and taking him back to the civilized society.

But he couldn’t reach the shore of any country. He wake up by some unusual sound like the horn of ship. He stand up and searching the source of the sound. A small ship is coming toward him and making that horn.

He for got excited and being so happy. He prays to Allah! Couldn’t believe it at all. The ship anchoring far away and a boat comes to the island to take him.

The first question he asked to the rescuer, how did you find me? The man replied it’s you who makes smoke signal and help us to find you.

What did you learn from this story? Never lose your hope and keep faith in Allah. Because “Allah is great planner”. Allah planes for everyone including mine and yours.

My suggestion for no job depression.

is; don’t be hopeless, be brave & patience. Try to get a job before it’s too late, grab something like the wood pieces or tiny island. what ever it’s less that particular area.

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why garments workers are loosing their job?

why garments workers are loosing their job

Bangladesh performing very well in GDP growth for past decade. Where they mostly depends on garments manufacturing sector. It’s contributed 85% of Bangladesh’s economy statistics has released by government.

The giant business country USA and China has been fight together for last few month. For the sake of Huawei and national security issue in USA, as per Donald trump’s public speech. Bangladesh and those country in Asia took the chance to booming it economy. Bangladesh successfully achieved that opportunities.

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Thus; Bangladesh should be more beneficial for manufacturing company along with its workers. But recently “more than 25000 of garments workers losses their job and 40 factories has shutdown” non-government organization says. This country is well known for cheap price & good quality of products. Because labor cost was as low as 5,300/= BDT approximately ($62.7397). December last year the government take a vital decision to grant workers demand to increased minimum wages to 8,000/= BDT approximately ($94.6952 ).

There are too many small factories who was doing business by sub-contract in challenging working environment with low cost workers. Those people makes small company who has a little garments knowledge. After implementing the minimum wage law; they faces horrible situation and force to shutdown the factory. Because they are unable to provide government approved minimum wage. This is how the small business owners unable to continue the business. So thousand of workers had lost their job and come out to the street for protesting and demand for job.

The neighbor country India, who was world’s 5th largest economy in last year. But now it has dropped by 7th position . Their workers losses the job more rapidly than Bangladesh. India experiencing financial crisis.

so not only garments sector but also each and every sector is going down on growth statistics. Automobiles sector had a huge shocked as low as last 45 years and losing lakhs of job. India slipped to 103 from 100 in global hunger index in about 119 countries. Experts says this GDP slowdown causes demonetization, GST, and many more wrong decision taken by current government.

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On the other hand, the giant business companies in Bangladesh performed much better with this such environment. An Executive of cutting department in a factory located in Gazipur, named Mr. Abdul Kalam says to textile student that “most of the company holds the increment of office stuff due to increment of workers to balance company’s expenses for several month. Even the festival bonus didn’t paid at all in last few occasions.

Mr. Abdul Kalam express the happiness after know that GDP growth of Bangladesh. He prays to Allah for more success for his company and country.

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