Bangladesh is booming it’s economy in garment sector.

Bangladesh is booming in its garments sector

Bangladesh is a tiny country in South Asia, growing up after had a liberation war against Pakistan. Most of the people doesn’t know clearly about Bangladesh. But some of you might notices that “made in Bangladesh ” below your garments brand tag mostly in western country. Because, Bangladesh is the second largest garments exporter in western country after China.

The interview video taken might be long ago but I saw that a few months ago. The shirts was made in Bangladesh. which is used by Donald trump (USA president). Unbelievable! Isn’t It? Bangladesh is booming it’s economy in garment sector.

Few months ago I wrote an article about the business opportunities that India, could have get. But due to too much internal political issues they fails to acquire such opportunities. Even India currently fighting with its worse financial crisis in every financial sector like auto mobile’s, IT, Chemical, textile and consumer product’s etc.

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Bangladesh gets those business and show some positive growth in recent economic year. It’s contributed 85% in total countri’s economy. Estimates $388 crore in July this year. which is maximum by exporting garments, economic statistics says. This statistics placed a significant milestone by increased almost 10% by previous financial year.

Due to USA- China trade war, both country internally boycotted each other products and services. So they are looking for alternative source’s to Full fill their necessity. Bangladesh would be one of their first choic for cheap price, good quality and execute in lead time.

Experts say’s the “export might be increased after October”. We’ll see it’s effective on November. because the it’s the time when western country asked for shipment. economic advisor of government has predicted, the current financial year’s milestone would be $450 crore. Base on that prediction, Bangladesh need to export at least $380 crore each month consistency to touch the desire milestone. It’s a matter of time to see, do they have the guts? To do or not to build the nation in a suitable placed in the list of middle class country list.

Manufacturers demand for improvement of the infrastructure of port, rules & regulations. As they can make the goods in reasonable price and send to the customer in lead time. Bangladesh is booming and prediction says, it could more success in near future.

Engr. Md. Mustak Ahmed


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