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There are a few extraordinary people we have around the universe who is creative minded and it’s god gifted. Sometimes people makes themselves extraordinary by their own guts and they have the strength to share the knowledge globally. Sometimes we get some respond from those people who write article and publish through our blog for marketing their product or making backlinks; which is to effective way.

We reject a vast of article each month which is doesn’t eligible to publish according to our terms and conditions.

Attention for writer and author. Please consider read below terms and conditions to write and publish in our blog.

  1. Unique content: your writing must be based on unique topic with clear information as readers can easily understand. Do not write by following somebody’s content what ever it’s in online article, researchers or books.
  2. Copyright content: 87% of rejected articles comes from those people who write article and publish through our blog for marketing their product and backlinks. Because they don’t research over the topic and discus with anybody. They use some cheap tricks to spin the article as we think it’s unique content. Attached images shouldn’t get from any any website where it can be copyright issue. . You must own the copyright rights of that content. So please no nonsense businesses with copyright
  3. Readability: As per our survey of 2018, we observed 67% of our visitor is textile engineering student, 14% professional on this sector 12% teacher and professor and rest of 7% is marketing and others such as SEO, general interest, information verification etc. The professors and Teacher use some article for their students study and assignment purpose. In that case the maximum user of this blog is student so we want that the article should be easy to read and understand by every valuable visitors.
  4. How much it required: Article must contain at least 500 words and two images not more than 4MB each.

We reserved the rights to change any parts of your article and reject it. if it’s fails to obtain our terms and conditions. You can put one backlink in article and one in signature.

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