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We are looking for those people who are always blame some one else and says “If I were a doctor I’ll take care of patient free of cost” on the other had “If I were a lawyer I’ll fight for justice free of cost” and too many if I were …….. Now we relies the quotation of this “if I were……..” This is all of nonsense and output of a selfish man. I think you have a minimum ability to read and write otherwise you couldn’t be able to search Bornomala foundation and read this. So my question is. Can’t you teach some poor people who are uneducated? I think education has a strong power to remove the poverty from our society. This foundation name Bornomala Foundation and start by a humble wish of an old man name Md Aminur Rahman (Mohon Mollah). Spread you knowledge if you have a little amount of it but you won’t be empty by spreading.

One day when you’ll be old person setting on rocking chair on the garden and reading news paper. Suddenly one car stopped beside the gate of your house and come down and person toward to you. It’s a police office asking for you’re complaining. When you look at him than you got some amazing feeling as like as you know him but you can’t. After some time the office break your confusion by touching your feet and hugging your telling that he was the one of the student you were teach them free a little long time ago. This kind of feeling can not be buying on the shop or somewhere else. So today I suggest you to be an honorable member of Bornomala Foundation. Please send your proposal and resume through this E-mail id

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your money will be used to make the paper or pen so that the poor and helpless children can get education. We don’t have so much ability to help all the poor student around us. so please send some donation to us or help those people around you who had not way to get education.

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