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What is Textile Student?

Basically we know the answer what is textile student. Logically a textile engineering student called “Textile student”. How ever may be you mean something else by this question, Right? Well than get to the point, Textile Student dot com is a free and essential web site for those textile students who want to learn more about textile and want to share his/her knowledge to everyone worldwide.

What is about this web site?

Textile engineering is so much popular study to day. Most of the student can’t find out the procedure of textile production, by one sentence how it’s works? We are a little unit of textile student make this world wide website to help all of that’s student who want to know textile from too closer. We’ll discus all the definition of textile by so much easy way to understand all of our valuable visitors. We not only help the student who want to know more about textile we also help those student who want to share their knowledge about textile through writing.

Is this web site really helpful for higher study?

Textile student provide some extra ordinary information about textile technology to know unknown things about textile. All of the writers in this website are directly connected with textile technology. So easily we’ll provide the original and professional lesson to you and as you like to get. After you read within 10% article of our site you’ll get the answer by yourself “This website (Textile Student) helpful or not!!”

How can search article?

Search an article is not so heard to do. First decide what kind of article you want to read than click on the menu bar button what you are looking for or search in search button in right side in home page. Make your search content clear and short to make search easy and first.

How can I write an article?

You want to write an article? Very Good! It’s a good thing to spread the knowledge around the world and get the blessing from everyone. How ever if you want to write an article about textile than you are welcome to do. But you have to create an account and agree with some easy condition with us. Click belo to know more about create an account and read the privacy policy and conditions.

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Why should I visit this site regularly?

Lets go a few years back, it’s could be 4 or 5 years! Too many textile industry’s was producing textile product with non technical person but now it’s a little bit heard to get a job, though you are a technical person(Textile Eng.) . You have to know too much about textile technology to get a job in competition full job market. Now every job needs an educational degree with some extra ordinary talent in that candidate. So keep in tough with textile student and be updated with present textile technology & gather knowledge be prepare for every job interview.


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