Responsibility of an apparel merchandiser

Responsibility of an apparel merchandiser

Apparel merchandiser is a person who is plays the vital role to make a better profit by making contract with buyer to successful shipment. An ideal merchandiser should follow a few responsibilities to execute the apparel manufacturing process. All those responsibility should know every merchandiser that’s why I’m going to discuss about it. A minor mistake can reduce you calculation specialty or your professional skill. So read every step of this article carefully to be an expert on merchandising and do your professional duties.

Merchandiser is key of marketing for a garment manufacturing company and production observer.

Order collection

This is the first step to do duty of a senior merchandiser in garments industry. Always looking for buyer, make discussion and finally make an appointment with them to make a great deal by taking some dress manufacturing contract or order collection. An expert merchandiser can make a huge profit by making a profitable contract with buyer. Though most of the contract makes via E-mail or Fax but a merchandiser should know all of the way to collect order from buyer.

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Sample development

Every business use some sample design to convince the buyer. That’s why this business also needs to make some sample to show those to buyer. Development of sample is required when the production factory want to take challenge to make batter garment with different high profile production factory. Sample development should be prepared before show to the buyer as it can be acceptable.

Price negotiation

Profit is the main aim of a garments production factory. What ever you think; in every business profit comes first. So In that case a senior merchandiser should know how to negotiate the price with buyer as the production company get’s profit by making this garments. Senior merchandiser must know how to explain the product with the buyer and why they deserve such amount of money to produce the product.

Material sourcing

Sourcing of the material capability is great and so much important qualification of a senior merchandiser. Every merchandiser should maintain a strong and good relation with supplier as they can be reaching in time. A good relation between supplier and buyer could help together to produce better product on time.

Order confirmation

Order confirmation is an important duty for a merchandiser that we have got the requirement garment manufacturing like quality of garment, how many size include in it, quantity of garments etc. simply it a simple latter or mail to buyer that we are agree to produce the garment within a amount days.

L/C opening

This is needs to export the product in another country. This is a part of commercial department of an industry but senior merchandiser should know and maintain the L/C work.

Opening summery

This is short information of all of goods manufacturing process. Opening summery made when a contract made by showing to the buyer or customer. This is whole process of manufacturing showing at a glance.

Production planning

This is a future planning of garments how it manufactures and what we’ll get. Production planning helps senior merchandiser to draw a production flow chart as it can be execute properly and handle all of worker.

Product development

Talking about the people who use the garments; always want a high quality garments by low budget. So product development is an important step to take before starting the manufacturing.

Production monitoring

Every production need to monitor properly so that the production would not makes any wrong step. Production monitoring helps the production manager to provide as same as garments quality as buyer required.

Quality assurance

Quality is a great character of a garment product. The product should not compromise with its quality by any causes. Buyer reserve the authority to cancel the order, if the quality of garments is less than the buyer asked.

Final inspection

Inspection is one of the most important steps to take in any manufacturing process. Buyer always asks for new and different design and quality that is could be new to the worker or official stuff. So inspection required in every step. Some time inspection could be providing wrong information as a result the shipment could be in danger. After complete final inspection the shipment would be ready for delivery.

Arrange shipment

After completing folding, packing, and make a unit box by carton. The goods are ready to shipment than the senior merchandiser arrange a transport to send them to buyer. If buyer has any terms and condition than merchandiser could follow the instruction because buyer is a big income source of the manufacturing company.

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