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Md Mustak Ahmed

Md Mustak Ahmed

 Author Engr. Md. Mustak Ahmed

He is from a small village called “Ghoramara” in Magura pourashava, Magura under Khulna devision. He has done S.S.C from Magura Collectorate Collegiate School, Magura, Diploma in Textile Engineering from Khan Jahan Ali College of Science and Technology, Khulna & B.Sc in Textile Engineering from “University Of South Asia” Dhaka. He enjoyed to do graphics designer but mostly like to research and write articles about textile technology. Creativity is his passion! So he chose the way to show his little bit of creativity to everyone and help those people who want to share the knowledge of textile by writing article to everyone around the world by this site called “Textile Student ”.

India trip:

A short trip to Darjeeling, India from Dhaka Bangladesh. We made a trip plan to visit India on our friend circle in our university. Most of the friends are so much interested but they don’t have any passport! Visa is far away. We lose all most every friend who wanted to go with us on this trip. It was a great day we started our journey 14 February, the valentine day. However we go into India through beanpole border and reached into Kolkata around 2pm. Next destination is cold place Darjeeling, WB but we had no ticket (Every long route journey required to reservation there ticket before 4-6 days to journey) so we go to fairly place to get instant ticket by foreign passport but it was closed cause of Sunday.

In general class situation and all night long sleepless journey is so much difficult. But this is not like a happiness to see something new and amazing. This is first time in my life to see such a large hills and riding with a jeep. I had no idea that the suddenly the temperature could be less by reducing the distance our jeep and Darjeeling. I was a little shocked because where Kolkata’s temperature is high and the temperature is so much cold.

Md Mustak Ahmed (My Self), Md Azmol Hossain, Ulrich Hellriegel, Amya Dar Sharma.

Md Mustak Ahmed (My Self), Md Azmol Hossain, Ulrich Hellriegel, Amya Dar Sharma.

We have got a few friends who I never thought to meet. There are awesome days I had with those strange friends who is so much friendly than I thought. Azmal and uli are two of them. Shearing hotel, riding the rope way, discussing some funny thing, taking photo, all of was enjoyable.

I should mention the person who helped a lot to searching, getting, surviving, and many more by phone call. He not only helps us by phone but also he let us see the better places in Kolkata city by car. He is honorable our elder brother from hoogley, WB, India.

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