salwar kameez fashion

Salwar kameez
Salwar Kameez Fashion

Salwar Kameez Fashion

Sari was a main dress of women in Bangladesh, India and few countries in south Asia and Middle East but today it change in to three pieces. Three pieces is a package of a dress where must present three piece of fabric such as kameez, Pajama & Scarf. Generally this three pieces package is not ready to use; it is need to customize by body shape in any ladies tailoring shop. Some people identify this package dress is salwar kameez (Pajama, Shirt). The female in Bangladesh are mostly used three pieces cloth for living and fashion in every single day. There are too many different design and different quality full three pieces are used in the world. Though this three pieces fashion are for all over the world, but Some of sources says mostly Bangladesh, Indian, Pakistan, and more are used this clothing fashion in Asia and Middle East.

Salwar kameez

Salwar kameez

Description of three pieces fabric

Three different type and sized fabrics are makes three pieces clothing fashion. Are those parte age give blew with short description.

Kameez: this word comes from Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu qamīz, all ultimately from Portuguese camisa, shirt (influenced by Persian and Arabic qamīṣ, shirt), from Late Latin camisia. This is one kind of shirt are worn by ladies or women in the Asia. Though kameez is like a shirt but generally kameez longer than a gents shirt.

Pajama: you know what it means! This is a ladies pant and a part of three pieces. Fabric of this pajama provide in the package of three pieces dress. This pajama also made from voile or poplin cloth. Gents pant made from pant pieces which are more hard and stronger than the voile or poplin fabric. So in simple sentence the pajama of ladies doesn’t make the longevity like gents pant.

Scarf: scarf is an essential element for girl in Pakistan and Bangladesh especially in Muslim country all over the world but in Indian most of the girl doesn’t use scarf. Dopatta and orna are another names of scarf called in Asia. Ladies or girls are using this scarf with kameez, Maxi, Borkha, also with sari.

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