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Bangladesh is a tiny country in south Asia and this country bound by India to the north, east and west, Myanmar to the southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. Over 163,187,000 people and 147,610 km2 area this country increasing its growing economy so faster. Economical experts say there is a huge possibility to achieve approximately 23rd position on world economical grading in 2050. The population of Bangladesh was a biggest sin as people thought but today its turn into a strong economic changing tool of Bangladesh. With the youth of this country and expert technician, operator, labor and well-educated engineers creating the history of economic revocation of Bangladesh.

Made in Bangladesh (M&S)

Made in Bangladesh (M&S)

After get the freedom in 1971 from Pakistan this country stablished a constitution in 4 November 1972. For the war of 1971, this country got an economical shock and experienced a famine across the country. From that fatal situation, this country’s economy growing rapidly till today. Today’s Bangladesh is not like how it was!

Few years back when I was try to learn English, I needed someone foreigner (who can speak English) to practice so that I can learn faster. As far as I can reach someone by online messenger or any social networks. When somebody ask me where are you from? They don’t recognize my country at first try but today I think some of those people across the universe going to know about Bangladesh.

What we get from RMG internationally business? (Ready Made Garments)

The economy of Bangladesh is largely dependent on agriculture to feed the huge amount of population. However, the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector has emerged as the biggest earner of foreign currency. In 1972, the World Bank approximated the gross domestic product (GDP) of Bangladesh at USD 6.29 billion, in 2014, the GDP stood at USD 173.82 billion, growing by almost 27 times in a matter of four decades. Bangladesh’s exports industry alone comprised USD 31.2 billion in financial year 2014-15, 81.69% of which was made up by ready-made garments. On its own, the knitwear sector encompasses 39.83% of total exports—a staggering USD 12.43 billion. The RMG sector has experienced an exponential growth since the 1980s. The sector contributes significantly to the GDP. It also provides employment to around 4.2 million Bangladeshis, mainly women from low income families. According to Bangladesh export processing zone authority (BEPZA) more than 64% of female worker are taking a part to production.

The growing Bangladesh has possibility to get more international importer of garments (RMG). Here is the list of the name of internationally recognized clothing fashion brand which are consistently huge number of garments are made in Bangladesh.

Made in Bangladesh (HM)

Made in Bangladesh (HM)

List of International buyers

  • Nike
  • Reebok
  • Lafuma
  • H & M (Sweden)
  • Gap
  • Brouks
  • C. Penny,
  • Walmart
  • Kmart
  • Ospig (Germany)
  • Mother Care (UK)
  • Lee
  • Wrangler
  • Dockers
  • Nba
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Adidas
  • Falcon (USA)
  • Edie Bauyer
  • Eagle
  • Releigh (UK)
  • Emmilee
  • Free Spiril (UK)
  • Miles (Germany)
  • American Eagle
  • Hi-Tech (UK)
  • Phillip-Maurice (UK)
  • Wins More

Investment Guarantee (Provided on BEPZA web Site)

  • Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980 secures all foreign investment in Bangladesh.
  • OPIC’s (Overseas Investment Corporation, USA) insurance and finance programmes operable.
  • Security and safeguards available under Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of which Bangladesh is a member.
  • Arbitration facility of the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Dispute (ICSID) available.


If I missed something to include on this article or if you have any question please put a comment on comment box blew the article.

Responsibility of sewing supervisor

Responsibility of sewing supervisor

Cloth is most known particular things we used since we were baby and still we use it every single day in our life social life. This cloths we wear, is not so easy to produce, its take a long journey in production factory. One of your garments is required to look after by too many responsible people. Today’s our discussion related one of them is called sewing supervisor. Sewing section is the unit of garments which is responsible to make a proper shape and extended life of stitch to maintain the buyer quality standard.

Responsibility of a sewing supervisor

Responsibility of a sewing supervisor

Responsibility of a sewing supervisor is not like a desk job and work eight hours in a day. It’s very difficult to explain who has no personal experience in garment sector especially in underdeveloped country like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many more. Sewing supervisor need to attend his/her duty in on production floor with hundred of sewing operators. Every production needs thousand of worker in a unit and in charge of all of them are production manager. In that case the production manager is unable to look after all of those workers so they need sewing supervisor to maintain a unit amount of worker and operator.  A sewing supervisor also observed by production manager, they get order from manager and done the job by worker. After complete the task the supervisor submit those production information in corporate office by order of production manager.

Responsibility of production supervisor

  • Planning and organizing production schedules
  • Take a look of the project and resource total amount of raw material.
  • Style Analysis with expert mind to get buyer requirement.
  • Estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with clients and managers
  • Ensuring that health and safety regulations are met
  • Discipline in Shop Floor
  • Operator Training needs to execute the production without any problem
  • Line Setting maintain the production system following step by step
  • Line Balancing and WIP Control
  • Determining quality control standards
  • Overseeing production processes
  • Re-negotiating timescales or schedules as necessary
  • Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials
  • Organizing the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment
  • Liaising with buyers and marketing and sales staff
  • Supervising the work of junior staff
  • Machine Selection
  • Stitching Quality
  • Meeting Target Production

Required special skill of production supervisor

  • Confidence on challenging work.
  • Technical skills in production sector.
  • Project management skills in relevant area.
  • Organisation and efficiency in factory
  • Communication skills with worker and office.
  • Team working skills with peaceful mind
  • Computer skill with MS Office and Internet
  • Problem solving skills to reducing time and money wastage.
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills to maintain worker.
  • Calculation skill to calculate any critical production calculation.


WIP : Waiting to Input

In consolation I would like to share my personal experience. Most of that are requirement I shared in this article is important to do a job in a garment industry as a supervisor. But there is something I didn’t mention in this article which is smartness and ability to maintain a good relation with boss and workers. So make a position by yourself don’t give-up the sector by thinking that garments is too harder job than you thought.  Best of Luck!

Safety in garments industry

Safety in garments industry

Industry is a place where some of products are produced by various machinery and worker. Because of too many workers do their work in a place, so they need to follow some rules and regulation to keep them healthy and safety?

Safety in garments industry

Safety in garments industry

When a designer make an industry design they never compromise the safety of the worker would be used on that production. They decide where should be the dangerous machinery keep and how they are being operated with keep the safety distance. Designer used some identified symbol to keep the labor or worker safe must be known to every person in the industry. Though most of the small sizes of industry never use the entire safety symbol but they used a few essential symbols like entry, exit, fire, alarm, hazard, store, office, maintains etc.

If we research on worker health and safety, than there is no such rules and regulation before 1995. Worker need to be healthy and safety during working time and their personal life so in 1995 created a list of rules and regulation. All those rules and regulation are given blew with symbolic information.


Provisions of Facilities

Safety in garments industry -Provisions of Facilities

  • Accommodation for clothing
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Atmospheric conditions
  • Common facilities
  • Drinking water
  • Seating
  • Facilities for rest
  • First aid
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance of facilities
  • Meals in places of work
  • General place of work ventilation
  • Removal of steam, fumes, dust and other contaminants
  • Toilets
  • Washing facilities
  • Drainage of floors
  • Fire precautions

General safety of provision

  • Safety general
  • Cleanliness
  • Prevention of falls
  • Safe means of access and egress
  • Safety in confined spaces
  • Training and supervision
  • Overcrowding and airspace
  • Traffic control
  • Workers employed under loads
  • Lifting heavy tools
  • Protection from harmful noise and noise control
  • Electrical installation safety
  • Portable electric equipment
  • Signs, color coding and aisle marking
  • Duties of designers, manufacturers, suppliers and sellers of plant
  • Duties of designers, manufacturers, suppliers and sellers of protective clothing and equipment
  • Restriction on the employment of young persons

Hazards substance and materials

Hazards substance and materials

Hazards substance and materials

  • Protective clothing and equipment
  • Safe work on loose materials
  • Vessels containing liquids
  • Flame cutting and welding
  • Safety in refrigerated compartments and places where electromagnetic or ionizing radiation is generated
  • Precautions with respect to explosive or flammable substances
  • Storage of materials
  • Storage of hazardous substances
  • Eliminating hazardous substances
  • Safe use of harmful substances
  • Workplace exposure standards
  • Work with compressed air and high-pressure equipment

Occupational health

Occupational health

Occupational health

  • Identification of occupational health problems in places of work
  • General hygiene
  • Prevention of infection
  • Managing occupational health
  • Advice of employees
  • Stress
  • Occupational overuse syndrome (OOS)
  • Ergonomics at work
  • Changes in working hours and shift work
  • Violence at work
  • Language and cultural considerations
  • Alcohol and drug dependence


All those requirement is not only for those worker who work but also important for the owner of the industry because an unsafe place never motivate a worker to do their best performance. A dangerous working place could make a dangerous situation which is definitely not profitable for business. So all those requirement should followed by all of this production industry.

salwar kameez fashion

Salwar kameez
Salwar Kameez Fashion

Salwar Kameez Fashion

Sari was a main dress of women in Bangladesh, India and few countries in south Asia and Middle East but today it change in to three pieces. Three pieces is a package of a dress where must present three piece of fabric such as kameez, Pajama & Scarf. Generally this three pieces package is not ready to use; it is need to customize by body shape in any ladies tailoring shop. Some people identify this package dress is salwar kameez (Pajama, Shirt). The female in Bangladesh are mostly used three pieces cloth for living and fashion in every single day. There are too many different design and different quality full three pieces are used in the world. Though this three pieces fashion are for all over the world, but Some of sources says mostly Bangladesh, Indian, Pakistan, and more are used this clothing fashion in Asia and Middle East.

Salwar kameez

Salwar kameez

Description of three pieces fabric

Three different type and sized fabrics are makes three pieces clothing fashion. Are those parte age give blew with short description.

Kameez: this word comes from Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu qamīz, all ultimately from Portuguese camisa, shirt (influenced by Persian and Arabic qamīṣ, shirt), from Late Latin camisia. This is one kind of shirt are worn by ladies or women in the Asia. Though kameez is like a shirt but generally kameez longer than a gents shirt.

Pajama: you know what it means! This is a ladies pant and a part of three pieces. Fabric of this pajama provide in the package of three pieces dress. This pajama also made from voile or poplin cloth. Gents pant made from pant pieces which are more hard and stronger than the voile or poplin fabric. So in simple sentence the pajama of ladies doesn’t make the longevity like gents pant.

Scarf: scarf is an essential element for girl in Pakistan and Bangladesh especially in Muslim country all over the world but in Indian most of the girl doesn’t use scarf. Dopatta and orna are another names of scarf called in Asia. Ladies or girls are using this scarf with kameez, Maxi, Borkha, also with sari.

Responsibility of an apparel merchandiser

Responsibility of an apparel merchandiser

Apparel merchandiser is a person who is plays the vital role to make a better profit by making contract with buyer to successful shipment. An ideal merchandiser should follow a few responsibilities to execute the apparel manufacturing process. All those responsibility should know every merchandiser that’s why I’m going to discuss about it. A minor mistake can reduce you calculation specialty or your professional skill. So read every step of this article carefully to be an expert on merchandising and do your professional duties.

Merchandiser is key of marketing for a garment manufacturing company and production observer.

Order collection

This is the first step to do duty of a senior merchandiser in garments industry. Always looking for buyer, make discussion and finally make an appointment with them to make a great deal by taking some dress manufacturing contract or order collection. An expert merchandiser can make a huge profit by making a profitable contract with buyer. Though most of the contract makes via E-mail or Fax but a merchandiser should know all of the way to collect order from buyer.

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Sample development

Every business use some sample design to convince the buyer. That’s why this business also needs to make some sample to show those to buyer. Development of sample is required when the production factory want to take challenge to make batter garment with different high profile production factory. Sample development should be prepared before show to the buyer as it can be acceptable.

Price negotiation

Profit is the main aim of a garments production factory. What ever you think; in every business profit comes first. So In that case a senior merchandiser should know how to negotiate the price with buyer as the production company get’s profit by making this garments. Senior merchandiser must know how to explain the product with the buyer and why they deserve such amount of money to produce the product.

Material sourcing

Sourcing of the material capability is great and so much important qualification of a senior merchandiser. Every merchandiser should maintain a strong and good relation with supplier as they can be reaching in time. A good relation between supplier and buyer could help together to produce better product on time.

Order confirmation

Order confirmation is an important duty for a merchandiser that we have got the requirement garment manufacturing like quality of garment, how many size include in it, quantity of garments etc. simply it a simple latter or mail to buyer that we are agree to produce the garment within a amount days.

L/C opening

This is needs to export the product in another country. This is a part of commercial department of an industry but senior merchandiser should know and maintain the L/C work.

Opening summery

This is short information of all of goods manufacturing process. Opening summery made when a contract made by showing to the buyer or customer. This is whole process of manufacturing showing at a glance.

Production planning

This is a future planning of garments how it manufactures and what we’ll get. Production planning helps senior merchandiser to draw a production flow chart as it can be execute properly and handle all of worker.

Product development

Talking about the people who use the garments; always want a high quality garments by low budget. So product development is an important step to take before starting the manufacturing.

Production monitoring

Every production need to monitor properly so that the production would not makes any wrong step. Production monitoring helps the production manager to provide as same as garments quality as buyer required.

Quality assurance

Quality is a great character of a garment product. The product should not compromise with its quality by any causes. Buyer reserve the authority to cancel the order, if the quality of garments is less than the buyer asked.

Final inspection

Inspection is one of the most important steps to take in any manufacturing process. Buyer always asks for new and different design and quality that is could be new to the worker or official stuff. So inspection required in every step. Some time inspection could be providing wrong information as a result the shipment could be in danger. After complete final inspection the shipment would be ready for delivery.

Arrange shipment

After completing folding, packing, and make a unit box by carton. The goods are ready to shipment than the senior merchandiser arrange a transport to send them to buyer. If buyer has any terms and condition than merchandiser could follow the instruction because buyer is a big income source of the manufacturing company.

Discuss of garment costing

Discuss of garment costing

Merchandiser is a profession where every merchandiser controlled by some internal rules and regulations to do the duty. Always rules and regulation show the path of working procedure of a merchandiser. So every merchandiser should follow every single rules and regulations all of this regulation are the responsibility of a merchandiser. This information is collected from a few senior merchandiser personal experience and opinion how they think about this job. I think this information can help fresh merchandiser who have no idea how a merchandiser work and those merchandiser whose have some misunderstand about it.

Discuss of garment costing

Discuss of garment costing

Garment costing

A garment is one of the most important elements used to make fashion and make a better life style. Now a day’s all the people across the world use garments to be a fashionable person includes you! Currently reading my article….

Different type of garment are manufacturing every day by different manufacturer depending the necessity of consumer. People who use the garment always want a high quality and comfort garments in minimum budget. So there is now way to make cheap garments by considering the quality of garment. Before make a conformation deal with buyer a merchandiser make the calculation of manufacturing cost. The price of the garment to a buyer depends of the estimate costing of a garment. After make a calculation of a garments the manufacturer fix a price for buyer as it can be accept able to the buyer and so friendly to the current business environment.

Calculation of a garment cost? May be this is not so easy as you think because a full proof and authentic and profitable calculation need a vast of knowledge of fabric manufacturing process and process cost and many more. Here is some important point should acknowledge to a perfect merchandiser. Here you go.

Raw Material source

As like every other production; garment also need raw material and this big amount of raw material or fabrics is not so easy to get it when it is need to produce the garment. So merchandiser so be able to make a strong relationship with supplier so that the material could be get in time. If the raw material cause a big problem than it could be reduce the profit. This is the big reason of hike the estimate cost of garments I think.

Color, Size and quantity specification

How many quantity of garments buyer want to buy and how many color and size should include on the contract. Some time the color of fabric could be rare to get and could not be able the make such amount of garment as much as the buyer required. So before make a deal with buyer always the responsible merchandiser take a look on the stock and supplier. After talking the order from buyer if the merchandiser unable to get the fabric and produce the garment than the costing could be hike from the calculation amount.

Size specification

Every calculation is abortively if the merchandiser makes a mistake with size specification of garments. Size specification should follow according to buyer on manufacturing process other wiser it will make wrong size of garments and manufacturer gets a shock of damages other than they get profit.

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Shipment date

Manufacturing process of garment must complete before the date of shipment. A senior merchandiser always fixes this date with buyer over phone, E-mail or Fax or any communication system. Shipment date should take seriously to do business all over the word because some time the buyer cancels the manufacturing order if the manufacturers companies miss the shipment date.


Most of buyer inspects the garments before get the delivery from manufacturer. Buyer makes an inspection by themselves or third party send by buyer. After get the full conformation of the quality of garments the manufacturer gets paid.

Terms and condition

Some time some buyer adds some terms and conditions during make the deal with manufacturer. Payment system, wash fastness of fabric, and minimum and quality of garments also include on this terms and condition. This terms and condition also like how we contract with a tailor when order for a dress. But this condition could be written on contract paper.

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