Calculation of fabric manufacturing

Calculation of fabric manufacturing

Fabric manufacturing needs a full proof calculation to make a better profit. Every production manager always does calculation to reduce the wastage and make larger profit. Calculation can help to make a cheaper deal with buyer as no one able to do. In this following article I’m going to show you some critical calculation formula which is important to know every textile professional, textile engineer, Professor even a textile student.

Calculation of fabric manufacturing

Calculation of fabric manufacturing

Technical Formula

                                                     Motor pulley diameter
Loom speed = Motor RPM x ——————————-
                                                      Loom pulley diameter

                                               Actual production
Loom Efficiency % = ——————————-x 100
                                          Calculated production

                                           Yarn weight – Dried yarn weight
Moisture Regain % = ——————————————— x 100
                                                       Dried yarn weight

                                              Yarn weight – dried yarn weight
Moisture Content % = ———————————————— x 100
                                                               Yarn weight

                                             Total ends x Tape length in meter
Warp weight in Kg. = ——————————————————
                                                       1693.6 x Warp count

                                      RS in centimeters x Cloth length in meters x PPI
Weft weight in Kg. = ——————————————————————
                                                              4301.14 x Weft count

                                                    EPI                  PPI
Cloth weight in GSM = —————– + —————– x 25.6
                                               Warp count      Weft count

                                              GSM (Grams per sq. meter)
Oz (Ounce) per sq. yard = ——————————————

Mathematical formula

Total wt. of size on warp = wt. of sized warp – wt. of upsized warp.

The wt. of size to be put on warp = wt. of upsized warp x % of size reqd to be put on warp.

                                            Length of warp in yds
the wt. of upsized warp = ——————————- x no. of ends + wt. of size.
                                                       840 x count

                                                Wt. of size
Wt. of sized warp = —————————— x 100%
                                      Wt. of upsized warp

                                                 Wt. of size
% of size on warp = —————————– x 100%
                                         Wt. of upsized warp

                                                   length of warp in yds
Count of sized yarn = ——————————————- x no. of ends
840 x wt. of sized warp (in lbs)

Count of sized yarn = count of upsized yarn x ———————–                                                                                100 + % of size

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If any you have doubt or if you have any complain about this theory or information please let me know by posting a comment. Don’t be hesitates to ask!

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