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Defination About Textile Technology - Textile Student
Defination About Textile Technology - Textile Student

Definition About Textile Technology – Textile Student

  1. Parameter testing before bale management.
  • Length of fiber
  • Strength of fiber
  • Macromere value
  • Color grade
  • Amount of trash
  • Moisture
  • Maturity



  1. What is the perfect tension for high quality fiber?

High quality fiber tension capability is so much important for spinning process because of high quality this fiber provide high quality garments product. The capability of high quality fiber is from 6% to 7%.



  1. What is short fiber?

Especially for cotton fiber “Less than 12.7 mm cotton fiber is called short fiber”

  1. Cleaning amount in blow room?

Blow room is a place where its play a vital role to removing the trash from the fiber. The amount of trash removing from fiber is from 60% to 65 %.



  1. Working Procedure in blow room.
  • Opening and feeding
  • Beating and cleaning
  • Blending and mixing
  • Transforming
  • Lap forming



  1. Different machinery in blow room.
  • Blending and mixing machinery
  • Opening and cleaning machinery
  • Object machinery
  1. Opening machine

Opening machine is the first step of blow room where the opening machine opens the bale and makes it into fiber.

Variable reason are manipulates opening machine.

  • Raw material
  • Size of raw material
  • Type of feeding
  • Type of bitter
  • Speed of bitter
  • Other reason
  1. What is the production of blender per hour?

The production of Blender machine per hour is 600 kg.

  1. Different type of spinning process.
  • Fiction spinning
  • Warp spinning
  • False twist spinning
  • Electrostatic spinning
  • Disk spinning
  • Air jet spinning
  • Adhesive process
  • Self twist spinning
  • Felting process



  1. What is filament?

            Long and Continuous fiber is called filament. Basically filament is made from man made or synthetic fiber. But filament also gets from natural fiber like silk.

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