Different parts of human body are mention in tailoring.

The names of different parts of human body are mention in tailoring.
The names of different parts of human body are mention in tailoring.

The names of different parts of human body are mention in tailoring.


The length of shirt is length. As it mean from shoulder to the down point of shirt is called length.



From the higher bone of backbone to higher big bone of shoulder is called put.


Put & sleeves

Sleeves and put measurement length give sleeves length by sum both of them.



The higher bone of shoulder and the wrist distance is the length of sleeves.



This measure is taken by around the chest.



This measure is taken by around the higher bone of backbone and the neck. This measure is called neck



This measure is taken by abound the wrist.


Natural wrist

From the high bone of backbone to the wrist is natural wrist.


Take the measure around waist is called waist.



This measure is needs to make a pant or half pant.


Length of the pants

Generally from waist to ankle length is the length of the pant.



Around the knee is measure is called knee.


Leg length

Waist to ankle length is leg length. This measure is also called in seam.


Bottom of the pants

From 2/3 inch less measure knee to get bottom of pant’s measure.



Measure the around the knee is take this measure.



After fold the elbow and take the measure by let the measuring tape not so tightly.



Around the head a little high of the ear taking measure is head measure.


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Description of tailoring process

Description of tailoring
Description of tailoring

Description of tailoring


Tailoring is a process of garment making by take the measurement of one selected person’s body shape. One this garments making system the selected person select his/her favorite design, color, fabric. The garments all of measurement and every design can be depend on the customer. Tailoring system makes a garment for one single person.


One the other hand the garments industry system makes thousand of dress by three different size by taking baby, man and women body’s ideal shape and measurement. Garments system make pattern using marker and cut thousand of pieces of garments piece at a time and make them full useable garment after sewing and finishing. Garments and tailoring is same state of garments manufacturing system but in reality it’s two different way to make garment.


Tailoring is a small business but garment is a business with a vast word. Tailoring business is run by one administration and a few tailors are work to give the production. In a tailoring shop a cutting master is required to take the measurement from the customer’s (selected person who want to make a garment by his/her own body shape) different part of body and cut the fabric, send them to tailor to sewing, make a desire dress to look them perfect.


Ironing or calendaring is required to give the perfect satisfaction to the customer after complete the dress. Some time the cutting master also does the job as a tailor. Tailoring system has own style like one tailor only sewing one type of dress, if the tailor sewing pant than tailor must sewing pant not shirt. A shirt is takes a little long to complete in tailoring system than garment industrial system.


Without those information there is something to mention.

  1. For one selected person is make one selected dress.
  2. Not need to grade anything.
  3. One sewing machine is able to make a garment.
  4. The making cost of dress is more than the garments industry’s system.
  5. Feting of the dress are more than the garments industry’s system.
  6. Fabric wastage is much more than the garments industry’s system.
  7. Selected person’s own measurement is required to make a cloth so no need to use pattern.
  8. No need to use any cutting machine in tailoring.
  9. Trail option helps the customer to fit their cloth by wearing that.
  10. Never use care code in tailoring.
  11. After get the trail if the dress is not fit with the body, then there is an option to make it more comfortable as the customer required.
  12. Tailor gives the customer priority first so they keep trying till get the customer satisfaction.



Distinguish Between Tailoring and Garments process.