Distinguish Between Tailoring and Garments process.

Distinguish between tailoring and garments industrial manufacturing process.

Tailoring and industrial garments manufacturing out put is same thing but the working technique is different then other. Both are work to make dress but one is depends on a little amount of money and person. Lets go ahead to know more about distinguish between tailoring and garments industrial manufacturing process.

Distinguish Between Tailoring and Garments process.

 Tailoring Methods Industrial methods
1.A small shop and a few sewing machines with two or three person can give the production of a tailoring shop.


Too many different type of machine and labor are need to give the fully production of industrial garments processing methods.
2.One or two person are need to make a dress2.Too many labor, machine, and a large management team is required to continue the production of industrial garments manufacturing process.
3.A few hours need to make a dress3.Approximately 1 or 1.5 minutes is needs to make a dress.
4.Selected dress is made for selected person’s won body shape.4.Garments manufacturing industry take an ideal body measurement and make thousand of cloth.
5.No need to grading5.Grading is important to take in industrial garments manufacturing process.
6.One sewing machine and one operator can make a cloth6.Too many machine and operator work to make garments.
7.One dress is made for one person so costing of dress is more than others.7.Industrial garments manifesting system follow the ideal shape of every body size and make the garments so that the cost of dress is less then the tailoring system.
8.Different parts of body’s shape are taken one by one so feting of dress is perfect.8.Feting of dress is not good every time
9.Fabric wastage is too much.9.Fabric must be cut according to pattern so wastage of fabric is less then tailoring system.
10.Unite of garment making the risk of garments making is less.10.Thousand of garments are making at a time so the risk of garment making is high.
11.Garments are supplies without gorgeous wrapping.11.After make the garment. Its must wrap by penchant of customer.
12.Capital of the tailoring shop is not so much.12.Industrial garments making factory need a large amount of capital.

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