why garments workers are loosing their job?

why garments workers are loosing their job

Bangladesh performing very well in GDP growth for past decade. Where they mostly depends on garments manufacturing sector. It’s contributed 85% of Bangladesh’s economy statistics has released by government.

The giant business country USA and China has been fight together for last few month. For the sake of Huawei and national security issue in USA, as per Donald trump’s public speech. Bangladesh and those country in Asia took the chance to booming it economy. Bangladesh successfully achieved that opportunities.

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Thus; Bangladesh should be more beneficial for manufacturing company along with its workers. But recently “more than 25000 of garments workers losses their job and 40 factories has shutdown” non-government organization says. This country is well known for cheap price & good quality of products. Because labor cost was as low as 5,300/= BDT approximately ($62.7397). December last year the government take a vital decision to grant workers demand to increased minimum wages to 8,000/= BDT approximately ($94.6952 ).

There are too many small factories who was doing business by sub-contract in challenging working environment with low cost workers. Those people makes small company who has a little garments knowledge. After implementing the minimum wage law; they faces horrible situation and force to shutdown the factory. Because they are unable to provide government approved minimum wage. This is how the small business owners unable to continue the business. So thousand of workers had lost their job and come out to the street for protesting and demand for job.

The neighbor country India, who was world’s 5th largest economy in last year. But now it has dropped by 7th position . Their workers losses the job more rapidly than Bangladesh. India experiencing financial crisis.

so not only garments sector but also each and every sector is going down on growth statistics. Automobiles sector had a huge shocked as low as last 45 years and losing lakhs of job. India slipped to 103 from 100 in global hunger index in about 119 countries. Experts says this GDP slowdown causes demonetization, GST, and many more wrong decision taken by current government.

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On the other hand, the giant business companies in Bangladesh performed much better with this such environment. An Executive of cutting department in a factory located in Gazipur, named Mr. Abdul Kalam says to textile student that “most of the company holds the increment of office stuff due to increment of workers to balance company’s expenses for several month. Even the festival bonus didn’t paid at all in last few occasions.

Mr. Abdul Kalam express the happiness after know that GDP growth of Bangladesh. He prays to Allah for more success for his company and country.

Made in Bangladesh RMG


Bangladesh is a tiny country in south Asia and this country bound by India to the north, east and west, Myanmar to the southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. Over 163,187,000 people and 147,610 km2 area this country increasing its growing economy so faster. Economical experts say there is a huge possibility to achieve approximately 23rd position on world economical grading in 2050. The population of Bangladesh was a biggest sin as people thought but today its turn into a strong economic changing tool of Bangladesh. With the youth of this country and expert technician, operator, labor and well-educated engineers creating the history of economic revocation of Bangladesh.

Made in Bangladesh (M&S)

Made in Bangladesh (M&S)

After get the freedom in 1971 from Pakistan this country stablished a constitution in 4 November 1972. For the war of 1971, this country got an economical shock and experienced a famine across the country. From that fatal situation, this country’s economy growing rapidly till today. Today’s Bangladesh is not like how it was!

Few years back when I was try to learn English, I needed someone foreigner (who can speak English) to practice so that I can learn faster. As far as I can reach someone by online messenger or any social networks. When somebody ask me where are you from? They don’t recognize my country at first try but today I think some of those people across the universe going to know about Bangladesh.

What we get from RMG internationally business? (Ready Made Garments)

The economy of Bangladesh is largely dependent on agriculture to feed the huge amount of population. However, the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector has emerged as the biggest earner of foreign currency. In 1972, the World Bank approximated the gross domestic product (GDP) of Bangladesh at USD 6.29 billion, in 2014, the GDP stood at USD 173.82 billion, growing by almost 27 times in a matter of four decades. Bangladesh’s exports industry alone comprised USD 31.2 billion in financial year 2014-15, 81.69% of which was made up by ready-made garments. On its own, the knitwear sector encompasses 39.83% of total exports—a staggering USD 12.43 billion. The RMG sector has experienced an exponential growth since the 1980s. The sector contributes significantly to the GDP. It also provides employment to around 4.2 million Bangladeshis, mainly women from low income families. According to Bangladesh export processing zone authority (BEPZA) more than 64% of female worker are taking a part to production.

The growing Bangladesh has possibility to get more international importer of garments (RMG). Here is the list of the name of internationally recognized clothing fashion brand which are consistently huge number of garments are made in Bangladesh.

Made in Bangladesh (HM)

Made in Bangladesh (HM)

List of International buyers

  • Nike
  • Reebok
  • Lafuma
  • H & M (Sweden)
  • Gap
  • Brouks
  • C. Penny,
  • Walmart
  • Kmart
  • Ospig (Germany)
  • Mother Care (UK)
  • Lee
  • Wrangler
  • Dockers
  • Nba
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Adidas
  • Falcon (USA)
  • Edie Bauyer
  • Eagle
  • Releigh (UK)
  • Emmilee
  • Free Spiril (UK)
  • Miles (Germany)
  • American Eagle
  • Hi-Tech (UK)
  • Phillip-Maurice (UK)
  • Wins More

Investment Guarantee (Provided on BEPZA web Site)

  • Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980 secures all foreign investment in Bangladesh.
  • OPIC’s (Overseas Investment Corporation, USA) insurance and finance programmes operable.
  • Security and safeguards available under Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of which Bangladesh is a member.
  • Arbitration facility of the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Dispute (ICSID) available.



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