Brief discussion of marker making methods

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What are we going to discuss along with marker making methods ?

  • What is marker in garments?
  • Brief Discussion of marker making?
  • Methods of Marker making process?
  • How computerized method increase profit line in the statistic of some company’s financial data?
  • Conclusion


On my own preference marker is a package of different size and different part of a garments (should be same fabric) placed in cut able fabric width is called marker. A best marker is defined by its efficiency, isn’t it clear? Let me clarify this matter and its methods.


Suppose you are responsible to cut 1500 pieces of garments in a pre calculated limited fabric such as 200 kg of fabric. Now you need to make at list 3 marker (based on your cutting instruction). If you able to save fabric more than it was calculated earlier! than you might be able to complete you’re cutting without any fabric short problem. When you maker marker you need to make it as tight as you can place the pieces in a minimum length and width. This is actually efficiency, means how much fabric is utilization on a marker. The efficiency always defined by percentage (Such as 95.08%, 85.84%).  After complete placement all pieces in a marker need to print on a paper to lay the fabric layer which is lay by machine or manually.

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Basically there are two methods to make marker

A layer man is working on printed marker making and methods

A layer man is working on printed marker

Manual Method:

This is the most conventional methods to make marker by pattern master or marker maker. Pattern master took such a long time to make pattern by skating on pattern paper one by one to get appropriate shape of particular garments. After complete the pattern making using paper, pencil, scale and eraser. Marker maker placing garments one pattern beside another pattern. Generally one or two marker maker took 2-3 hours to make a basic length of a maker. This process is so much bothering to correction on marker. Because if marker need to do some correction; marker maker wipes the placed garments pieces and draw no pieces on that place. It’s too much bothering and matter of huge time and man power.


Computerized Method

Computerized Method

Computerized Method

Era has changed; manual technology has fade away because of the touch of computerized methods. This is most effective system that reduce too much time and fabric consumption & increase the efficiency of work. In this methods is using most of the large factory who are plays vital role to exert the garments across the world. Because of initial expenses of computerized methods small factory can’t afford to install computerized method. Its required computer, software, plotter, auto cutter machine which is expensive. Though this is expensive but most of the international buyer asking to install computerized methods to increase working efficiency as they can produce garments in minimum cost.


How computerized methods increase profit line in the statistic of some company’s financial data?

You might know the basic way how the production company makes money? Base on time, man power, raw material and many more. Now I should’ve concentrate on the topic how company makes more profit by computerized marker methods. Suppose your company makes manual marker where you appointed 6 marker maker and 4 pattern maker, because they taking too much time to make marker. But; what if! You would be able to complete the task by half of the man power and one-third time? This is the question, when you use computerized marker making methods than you’ll be able to do marker in short time using less manpower more over increase the efficiency of work. This is how computerized methods increase profit line in the statistic of some company’s financial data.



That was my sight of view about marker making methods, what do you think about it? You may share on comment below or send a mail to me by this is

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