Why all the fibers are not textile fiber?

Why all the fibers are not textile fiber
Why all the fibers are not textile fiber

Textile Fiber


According to maximum textile Specialists, to be a textile fiber its must be 500 to 1000 times longer than the width. Every fiber around the word can’t be a textile fiber because a textile fiber has its own specified properties is include Sufficient Strength, Length, Fineness, Elasticity, Crimp, Friction, Ability to react with Acid & Alkali’s and should have the power to protect the effect of biological agent too. Wool, Cotton, Nylon all of them has the requirement to be a fiber on the other hand, may be banana tree has some of the quality to be a textile fiber but it’s not enough. So we can’t precede banana tree is a textile fiber, similarly we also can say all the fiber in the world is not textile fiber expect some which are fill the requirement to be a textile fiber.


If we know about textile fiber then we’ll get why all the fibers are not textile fiber? Textile is special fiber which used to make textile or garments product. Basically we know textile fiber are come from two different source like nature and synthetic. Synthetic fiber also called man made fiber or artificial fiber. Natural fiber is so much comfort to use as a garment and its friendly with nature. On the another hand synthetic fiber is made by human and its not come from nature. Synthetic fiber made from mixing proper unit of chemical as it can make yarn and possible to weave or knitting to make garments. Mostly natural knitting technology used cotton fiber. Cotton fiber is reliable fiber across the world. its mostly used natu This is a little discussion about textile fiber because this is not written about fiber. please follow the link to read more about classification of textile fiber.

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