Technical specification of modern ring frame

Technical specification of modern ring frame

About Ring spinning frame:

Spinning is the final step of yearn manufacturing process. The working procedure of ring spinning frame is taking the roving comes from simplex and produced yarn by reducing the weight of unit length. Ring is attached around bobbin. The traveler rolling on ring and enfold the yarn on bobbin. Ring spinning frame plays the vital role to spinning the yarn so it is called Ring spinning frame. Ring spinning frame’s production system is conventional.

Technical specification of modern ring frame

Technical specification of modern ring frame

Ring frame is only one machine which can produce yarn by any kind of fiber. Basically the working system of ring spinning frame is easy and the cost of machine is a little cheap. It is easy to separate the bobbin from ring and easy to carry. but a few problem also reduce its popularity like, working speed, conventional system, large amount of electricity consumption.  please follow the link to know more about rotor spinning frame and ring spinning frame. Click here!

Technical specification of modern ring spinning frame:

No Description of parts Specification
01 Roller and angle 45˚
02 The distance between center of lappet hook and center of front roller. 66.50 mm
03 Gage 70.00 mm
04 Tube length (gage -70.00 mm) 201, 220, 230 mm
05 Mechanical speed 25,000 mm
06 Count From 5.5s to 120s
07 Twist/inch From 4 to 55
08 Draft system Double apron 3 roller to arm.
09 Number of spindle From 96 to 1008
10 Main motor Down 15KM, High 37KM (45KW with Inver )
11 Ring lowering motor 0.35KW
12 Suction motor 0.35KW
13 Pantograph drive 2.20 KW
14 Horizontal transport belt 2×0.12 KW (Geared motor)
15 Inclined transport belt 2×0.185 KW (Geared motor)
16 Tube feeding 2.5 Minutes
17 Doffing time 2.5 minutes
18 Bobbin discharge speed 60 (30+30) Minutes
19 Compressed air consumption 1.35 liter/minute

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Function of ring spinning frame

Producing yarn is the main work of ring spinning frame. A few steps required to make yarn by ring spinning frame. The steps are given blew.

  1. Creeling
  2. drafting
  3. twisting
  4. winding
  5. building
  6. doffing

Detail discussing of the steps of ring spinning frame is coming in upcoming article.


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