Wet processing flow chart for cotton.

wet processing flow chart for Cotton
wet processing flow chart for Cotton

wet processing flow chart for Cotton

The main aim of wet processing is take a gray cloth and make them finished fabric as it can make garments by take them into too many wet processing technique. Wet processing process makes a fabric more useable, more fineness, and more attractive to the consumer. Wet processing is a two single word but means one think but if it describes, and then it will be a vast process. Wet process is a process which starts with a process and gets the end by step by step process. One uncompleted process can ruin the next process so each process is equally important.

Wet processing is so much important specially for natural fiber! cotton is one of them. wet processing is a step to take for make a fiber appropriate to make it yearn. cotton fiber’s has impurities and its contain the unusable material into the yearn so that its resist to use those fiber. sometime wet processing makes the cotton more smooth and usable. maximum count of yearn also depend on good quality wet processing. Cotton is on of them who is listed in the high valuable natural fiber so extra take care of cotton is important. Let’s have a look on the flow chart of cotton.

Wet processing flow chart for cotton are given blew:

Inspection of gray cloth



Shearing Or cropping










Long cloth white finishing






Bathing in roller



Folding Or rolling



I mention the follow chart on this article best of my knowledge by searching on the web. if i missed something to mention on this article please let me know by leave a comment on the comment box are given blew the article.

Classification of enzyme according to source

Classification of enzyme types according to source : Enzyme is a essential material which is used in wet processing to make a fabric more comfortable and more stronger then ever. Basically enzyme comes from two source bother are from natural but one is vegetable enzyme and another one is from animal enzyme. The working character of the enzyme is different but almost same.


Every natural fiber are made from natural things, and its needs too many process for make the cloth smooth, shiny, soft and more stronger. Enzyme is one of them whose has the ability to make a fabric or cloth smooth, shiny, soft and stronger by wet processing. Basically the woven and knitting fabric made from gray cloth. every gray cloth should take a few step to make them usable in garments. buyer or customer always needs a finished fabric or garment. so that enzyme processing be the essential process which is describe.

  1. Vegetable Enzyme

  2. Animal Enzyme


Vegetable Enzyme Barley

Vegetable Enzyme Barley

Vegetable and Animal Enzyme are given blew

Vegetable source enzyme are called vegetable enzyme. vegetable enzyme are come from two way by molt extract and bacterial way. molt extract and bacterial source are given blew.

  • Molt Extract:

    • Diastafor
    • Diastes
    • Gabahit
    • Meltoforment
    • Maltosetase
  • Bacterial

    • Rapidase
    • Biolase
    • Arcy


Animal Enzyme

Animal Enzyme

I tried to mention all of enzyme best of my knowledge and my research over the web. if i missed to mention some point of that than please let me know by leave a comment on the comment box.