Classification and properties of pigments.

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Classification of pigments

Classification of pigments

Classification and properties of pigments

Mainly pigments are two kinds.

Natural pigment

  Organic pigment

Vegetable Organic

Animal Organic

Inorganic pigment



Synthetic pigment

           Organic pigment



Precipitate Azo


    Inorganic pigment

Non Azo

Precipitate Basic Dye

Precipitate Acid Dye

Pthalocyanic Pigment

Qnino noid Dyes


Quino cridine



Properties of pigments

  1. Pigments are not soluble in water
  2. Pigments are also not soluble in acid and
  3. Pigments don’t have addiction with fiber so these pigments are attached with fiber or cloth by binder.
  4. Wet fastness and light fastness are good but rubbing fastness is not good for heavy shade.
  5. Pigments can gives us the bright and ideal shade from any color.
  6. Pigment can reduce the toxicity problem.
  7. Frequent Laundry can reduce light and rubbing fastness.
  8. The application of pigments is easy and this pigments price is less than others.
  9. Pigment doesn’t make a bond with fiber or fabric.
  10. Pigment is not able to gives is the exact color.
  11. Pigment doesn’t recommended expensive machine to do this process.
  12. After printing or dyeing, drying or curing is important to fix the color on the fabric and fiber.
  13. Pigment is appropriate for every kind of fiber or fabrics.