Discussions of the methods of fabric spreading

Discussions of the methods of fabric spreading’s
Discussions of the methods of fabric spreading

Discussions of the methods of fabric spreading


Fabric spreading is so much important part of a garments industry to cut the fabric and sewing properly and proper shape. After spread the fabric, it’s ready to cut and make them desire look. Without spreading fabric not possible cut so many pieces of cloth at a time which way is important in garments industry.


Basically most of the fabric are import in garments industry in a few different package and roll shape. Those fabric roll and package are unpacking by spreading on the cutting table like lay and make it ply one by one.


Two types of methods to makes lay by spreading fabrics.


  • Manual methods
    • Fully Hand spreading this method is working by two people who are working from two different side of spreading table by hand or spreading fabric on the table by crossing a rod in to the tube in the center of roll of fabric. This spreading process a little slow and not so much finished and quality full.
    • Hand spreading with hook.This method also a part of manual process called hand process with hook because this process is a little different from hand process with a little extra material called hook. Which is made from iron and this tool looks like an English alphabet “J”. This method has a little advantage than hand process.
    • Hand spreading with spreading track
      Spreading track is a special tool for hand process. Tracks carry the roll of fabric and spread on the spreading table by changing this position from front to the end of the spreading table. This method is working by two people who are working from two different side of spreading table by handling the track tools and spread the fabric on the table. The basic three condition of making a lay of fabric are not include in following manual methods.
  • Mechanical methods
    • Semi Automatic spreading
      Semi automatic machine is working almost similar to Hand process with spreading track process because this methods working technique and working prouder are same but this process are working by electric motor. A roll of fabric are installed in the machine like Hand process with spreading track and this roll are spreading on spreading table automatically. The spreading machine are running on the spreading table by from one side too another side by electrical and mechanical power.The advantage of semi automatic machine

      • The machine has the ability automatically count the ply of fabric.
      • After cut the fabric the machine has the ability to catch the edge of fabric.
      • This machine has a special tool called inspection light which is check ant kind of fault in fabric.
      • To salvage alignment this machine has a photoelectric guide.
      • The machine has the ability automatically cut the ply of fabric.
      • The opening up of fabric from roll is positive & there is a regulator to adjustment the spreading and opening up fabric speed.
      • The facility to maintain the tension of fabric is including in this machine.
      • To make the surface plain has a toll are called leveling blade.
      • A platform is installed with the head of the machine for operator to seat and operate the machine.
      • This machine can spread three miter of fabric and this machine can carry from 80 KGs to 675 KGs.
      • This machine can spread 100 miter fabrics per minute.
      • 25 CM lay can be makes by this machine.
    • Fully Automatic spreading
      Fully automatic machine is upgrade version of Semi Automatic. This machine has the all of quality which is included in Semi Automatic. Full automatic machine has some special feature are makes it more special. Fully automatic machine is maintained by robot and micro processors.The additional advantage of fully automatic machine are given blew.

      • This machine can be directed or fixes how many ply have to spread before start spreading.
      • This machine is working by robotic technique so if the fabric roll gone empty then this machine get another new roll automatically without any human power and start again spread where it was ended.
      • There is a sensor in front of head. This sensor marks the fault area of any fabric and automatically cut the fabric width and stat again spreading.
      • Every type of fabric is able to spread and its can makes every type of lay.
      • This is automatic spreading machine so its can work so many faster then others spreading methods.