How product’s development works in garment factory.

How product's development works in garment factory.

Let’s get back to the initial time of product’s development, manufacturing process, customer choice, color variation and fashion trends. There were not much varieties of clothing in general people’s. But Day after day with growing civilization clothing habit changed consistently as per fashion trends.
Hence, the products development department in garment factory always working to get exact outcome of the goods as customer asked. This is how it’s increased its necessary in garments manufacturing factory.

There too many methods followed by different organizations and factories. But the goal is same to “develop the products”. As per my own experience I would like to share with few words in easy manner.

This mission starts with tech pack, spec, measurement chart with physical Sample or sample’s photo. which is arranged and shared with product’s development department by marketing department. marketing department also known as merchandising department in garment factory. They collect tech pack from directly buyers or from their sources.

Most of the time the documents contain essential information which used to make exact products sample. But before makes any Sample. Technicians makes a mock up with any available Fabric to check the outcome of the garments as per measurement chart or tech pack.

An inspection team inspect each and every important criteria in mock up to justify with documents. If the mock up is ready to proceed than the merchandising department asked for Sample with actual Fabric and standard quality. With this Sample and pattern; the CAD department calculate the costing of garments. Some time this costing makes by merchandiser but it doesn’t accurate like CAD.

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They send product Sample and costing to sourcing office or direct buyer to see the Sample along with proposed price. If the buyer like the Sample and price than they ask for fit Sample. Sometime customer go for negotiations to reduce costing as per the Sample. It’s important to mark the point that is the Sample and the price could be remake and recalculate many time during development stage.

Product’s development department makes the Sample and CAD department calculated the price to submit to the buyer for review. Before go for contract seal Sample the physical Sample need to send the brand’s headquarter like M&S for London.

In a single sentence; before get the production order from buyer’s all of those garments(Sample) makes in products development department. So this department also widely called as Sample department.