Brief discussion of auto marker & making process

Brief discussion of auto marker & making process

Let’s get back to the initial time of cutting department of garments industries there is no facility like auto marker. All the time in bulk cutting they used marker, however; how did they make it? In that case; can you say that in a single sentence? Well let me tell you, they make it manually placing one pattern by by one. Marker is most important element to complete the bulk cutting.

Now question is what is marker in detail ?

Marker is sheet of paper. where every parts of garments are plotted as per layer or cutting plan. Always the marker man makes marker by breakdown a ratio from PO quantity. As per company working policy; this ration also can be provided by cutting planer. Marker maker input the ratio into marker making software to make desire marker for production.

This is the package of garments parts, which let us to enhance the cutting production with limited period of time.

How did they make manual marker?

Question Is little weird, isn’t it? How did they ? Because the manual marker making isn’t used in large production. This is very long process and it’s efficiency isn’t good as in computerized methods.

The maker man makes marker by placing one pattern by one. If maker Missed something he/she need to erase drawn marker and do that again. This is very complicated process & unable to change anything after finish the marker. It’s required much more time and manpower than computerized method.

What is Computerized method?

As I mention earlier, it’s easiest way to place the Patten one by one and check how much efficiency we are achieving n. On the other hand, if we change any placement and see much eefficiency increased or decreased. This is helps a lot the marker man to achieve desire efficiency goal.

Auto marker.

Technology improving rapidly and it’s adding new features everyday to progress CAD and CAM technology. Auto marker is one of them. It’s doesn’t take long time to make any marker. Within two minutes it can be possible to make any marker. which is at least 10 minutes work for a marker man. Almost every top ranking recognizes software company are providing such auto marker facilities with its main software by adding some extra charges.

How it’s work?

As simple as like convert a video files from .avi to .mkv . Just open the software, input the marker, set your desire time, setting and go for process. Done!

Point should be noted. “that the file type doesn’t change at all”. File type remain same. to reduce Fabric wastage all the pieces must placed perfectly

You can also send new created and unplaced marker to nesting directly from your working folder. Using “send to option” as like we send some file to flash drive from computer.
So simple!

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Abbreviation used in this article

PO– products order
CAD– computer aided design
CAM– computer aided manufacturing

Brief discussion of Group marker and its purpose

Group Marker Featured

What is marker?

Marker is sheet of paper where every parts of garments are plotted as per layer or cutting plan. Always the marker man makes marker by breakdown a ratio from PO quantity. As per company working policy; this ration also can be provided by cutting planer. Marker maker input the ratio into marker making software to make desire marker for production. This is the package of garments parts which let us to enhance the cutting production with limited period of time.

As per cutting procedure and product quality issue, the marker man makes different type of marker called group marker & selvage marker. This is very important to go for those special marker if it’s required. Let’s find it out what is group & selvage marker. 

Why do we need to make group marker?

Inspection team sometime gets one kind of dying faults called shedding on fabric so they asking for this special marker to avoided shading problem in ready garments. In a single line we can say that this marker is required when the selected cutting prepared fabric has uneven color formation in meter to meter.

What is group marker?

This is one kind of special marker makes as per quality issue suggested by quality inspection team. Most of the factory placed the inspection department on incoming section. When a fabric comes for production than its need to inspection to sustain product quality. And inspection team seat the fabric to store for storage and relax purpose. Finally cutting department received the fabric and go for bulk cutting.

Group maker’s pieces always stick together as much as possible.

How do they makes group maker?

Suppose we are making a marker for a garments where we have to take Back, Front, Sleeve and Moon. It’s required to place all the parts of garments as close as possible. Means all the parts should be placed nearby as a group. This is called group marker.

Group maker always increase the wastage of fabric and reduced the profit for manufacturer.

A good quality fabric can solve this problems.

What is selvage marker?

This is also a group marker but it’s has an extra requirement. All the parts of a garments should be placed length wise but stick together as a group like group marker. This type of marker required when inspection observed selvage shedding issue.

Selvage marker always placed the pieces length wise.

Advantage and disadvantage of group marker.

1 Reduce the color shading problems on complete garments Increased the fabric wastage & time.
2 Increased the garments quality as its standard Increased garments making cost and reduce the profit margin.
3 Easy to bundling after complete cutting process Required so much time to make group marker
4 Increased the possibility of Good quality garments. Automatic group marker is not good enough to go for cutting so its need to make it manually by placing garments pieces one by one.
5   Required extra man power to makes lay by different shade wise in cutting department.


It was a little discussion about group marker, if missing something you want to share? If yes; then write down on comment below and share with us. I’ll include it on the article as soon as I get it.

Brief discussion of marker making methods

Brief Discussion of marker making- Feature Image

What are we going to discuss along with marker making methods ?

  • What is marker in garments?
  • Brief Discussion of marker making?
  • Methods of Marker making process?
  • How computerized method increase profit line in the statistic of some company’s financial data?
  • Conclusion


On my own preference marker is a package of different size and different part of a garments (should be same fabric) placed in cut able fabric width is called marker. A best marker is defined by its efficiency, isn’t it clear? Let me clarify this matter and its methods.


Suppose you are responsible to cut 1500 pieces of garments in a pre calculated limited fabric such as 200 kg of fabric. Now you need to make at list 3 marker (based on your cutting instruction). If you able to save fabric more than it was calculated earlier! than you might be able to complete you’re cutting without any fabric short problem. When you maker marker you need to make it as tight as you can place the pieces in a minimum length and width. This is actually efficiency, means how much fabric is utilization on a marker. The efficiency always defined by percentage (Such as 95.08%, 85.84%).  After complete placement all pieces in a marker need to print on a paper to lay the fabric layer which is lay by machine or manually.

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Basically there are two methods to make marker

A layer man is working on printed marker making and methods

A layer man is working on printed marker

Manual Method:

This is the most conventional methods to make marker by pattern master or marker maker. Pattern master took such a long time to make pattern by skating on pattern paper one by one to get appropriate shape of particular garments. After complete the pattern making using paper, pencil, scale and eraser. Marker maker placing garments one pattern beside another pattern. Generally one or two marker maker took 2-3 hours to make a basic length of a maker. This process is so much bothering to correction on marker. Because if marker need to do some correction; marker maker wipes the placed garments pieces and draw no pieces on that place. It’s too much bothering and matter of huge time and man power.


Computerized Method

Computerized Method

Computerized Method

Era has changed; manual technology has fade away because of the touch of computerized methods. This is most effective system that reduce too much time and fabric consumption & increase the efficiency of work. In this methods is using most of the large factory who are plays vital role to exert the garments across the world. Because of initial expenses of computerized methods small factory can’t afford to install computerized method. Its required computer, software, plotter, auto cutter machine which is expensive. Though this is expensive but most of the international buyer asking to install computerized methods to increase working efficiency as they can produce garments in minimum cost.


How computerized methods increase profit line in the statistic of some company’s financial data?

You might know the basic way how the production company makes money? Base on time, man power, raw material and many more. Now I should’ve concentrate on the topic how company makes more profit by computerized marker methods. Suppose your company makes manual marker where you appointed 6 marker maker and 4 pattern maker, because they taking too much time to make marker. But; what if! You would be able to complete the task by half of the man power and one-third time? This is the question, when you use computerized marker making methods than you’ll be able to do marker in short time using less manpower more over increase the efficiency of work. This is how computerized methods increase profit line in the statistic of some company’s financial data.



That was my sight of view about marker making methods, what do you think about it? You may share on comment below or send a mail to me by this is

Marker Making and using technique of marker.


What is marker?

Marker is a piece of paper which is designed with essential size of dress to cut the fabric by low wastage and make maximum desire product. It’s possible to make more profit using the advantage of low wastage and save time by making a high efficiency marker. Generally a marker’s taken width is less than the desire dress’s width and the length depend on how many desire cloth’s size are include in marker. An expert man is needs to make a marker.



Marker Making and using technique of marker-Textile-Student

Marker Making and using technique of marker-Textile-Student




Making and using technique of marker:

At first make various size of dress’s pattern which is requirement of customer or buyer and then those pattern are setup on the marker paper to make marker for minimum wastage. The width of marker is depending on the fabric which is used to make desire dress or garment. Firstly the large size patterns are set on the marker, and than the small size patterns are set on the marker paper into the two or three large patterns blank space. These techniques reduce the wastage of cloth to make garments. Generally a marker designed on white or news-print paper.



Purpose of marker making:

  • By the low wastage cloth a garment industry makes more profitable in business.
  • The marker making help us to calculate the exact amount of fabric are needs in production.
  • Marker making helps us to cut maximum fabric in minimum time.
  • Marker making helps us to use minimum labor and cut maximum fabric.
  • Marker making helps us to be hundred percent sure to usage of maximum cloth.
  • Marker making helps us to use ideal measurement and cut the fabric properly.
  • After cut the fabric by market its helps us to delivery to the sewing section.
  • Marker making helps us in production plan by understanding the length and width.