Scientist in Bangladesh has invented one kind of amazing bag

Scientist in Bangladesh has invented one kind of amazing bag

Introducing of Sonali Bag

A Bangladeshi scientist has invented one kind of bag called “Sonali Bag”. Its look like transparent polythene bag. It’s made from completely bio-degradable substance. To protect from of hazard effect of polythene goods. Scientist over the globe trying to replace that effect by some new inventions. Finally;  Bangladeshi scientist named Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan demand that he has invented such bags which made from jute.

Everybody knows about Jute fiber which is also known as Golden fiber. Jute fibers are silky, lustrous and golden brown in color. It has strength, low cost, durability and versatility. Sonali Bag is used where low cost is important than durability and it is called Golden fiber.

Scientists have conducted researches for long to invent an effective alternative to the harmful polythene. But they do not find any way. The new jute-made bag used as handy as poly bag, it is supposed to have a huge potential for successfully ending the use polythene in the country and save the environment of Bangladesh along with world environment.

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Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan

Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan

Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan has invented the ‘Sonali bag’. He has successfully developed the low-cost bio-degradable sheet from modified jute cellulose. Mechanical properties of polyethylene sheet is lower than the developed sheet. The product shows complete bio-Degradability within 4-6 months of soil burial. It will be degraded in water by around 8 hours.


Chemical composition:-

Cellulose: 65.2%

Hemi-cellulose: 22.2 %

Lignin: 12.5 %

Water soluble matter: 1.5 %

Fat and wax: 0.6 %


  1. It is biodegradable so Environment won’t be polluted by this product.
  2. The production of Jute in Bangladesh is more but its uses are not enough than its production. So that it can get much positive feedback from user.
  3. Because of being transparent its look like also polyethylene and attractive.
  4. It has more strength than polyethylene so it can carry much load.
  5. Because of made from jute fiber, after bulk production its cost would be cheap.

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