Brief discussion of auto marker & making process

Brief discussion of auto marker & making process

Let’s get back to the initial time of cutting department of garments industries there is no facility like auto marker. All the time in bulk cutting they used marker, however; how did they make it? In that case; can you say that in a single sentence? Well let me tell you, they make it manually placing one pattern by by one. Marker is most important element to complete the bulk cutting.

Now question is what is marker in detail ?

Marker is sheet of paper. where every parts of garments are plotted as per layer or cutting plan. Always the marker man makes marker by breakdown a ratio from PO quantity. As per company working policy; this ration also can be provided by cutting planer. Marker maker input the ratio into marker making software to make desire marker for production.

This is the package of garments parts, which let us to enhance the cutting production with limited period of time.

How did they make manual marker?

Question Is little weird, isn’t it? How did they ? Because the manual marker making isn’t used in large production. This is very long process and it’s efficiency isn’t good as in computerized methods.

The maker man makes marker by placing one pattern by one. If maker Missed something he/she need to erase drawn marker and do that again. This is very complicated process & unable to change anything after finish the marker. It’s required much more time and manpower than computerized method.

What is Computerized method?

As I mention earlier, it’s easiest way to place the Patten one by one and check how much efficiency we are achieving n. On the other hand, if we change any placement and see much eefficiency increased or decreased. This is helps a lot the marker man to achieve desire efficiency goal.

Auto marker.

Technology improving rapidly and it’s adding new features everyday to progress CAD and CAM technology. Auto marker is one of them. It’s doesn’t take long time to make any marker. Within two minutes it can be possible to make any marker. which is at least 10 minutes work for a marker man. Almost every top ranking recognizes software company are providing such auto marker facilities with its main software by adding some extra charges.

How it’s work?

As simple as like convert a video files from .avi to .mkv . Just open the software, input the marker, set your desire time, setting and go for process. Done!

Point should be noted. “that the file type doesn’t change at all”. File type remain same. to reduce Fabric wastage all the pieces must placed perfectly

You can also send new created and unplaced marker to nesting directly from your working folder. Using “send to option” as like we send some file to flash drive from computer.
So simple!

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Abbreviation used in this article

PO– products order
CAD– computer aided design
CAM– computer aided manufacturing