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Garment inspection during the stitching process is a critical quality control measure that directly impacts the final product. This article explores the significance of inspecting garments at the stitch level and its positive effects on overall quality. let’s get into it…

  1. Completion of goods completed by the operator is 7/10 pcs.
    Inspection would be done.
  2. If the goods are found to be defective, the seller.
    6M Methods Analysis Keret Heb.
  3. If the cause of Defects is Man, then stop it.
    And if the same problem is found, then Production
    Feder 10 Iminators should be able to solve the problem.
    Even if the problem is not solved, the Man Change will be done.
  4. Defect if caused by other 5 methods, then immediately
    10 minutes of production book was solved by Heb. Parvat
    Also if the same problem is found, please refer to Tahel
    The work of the machine will continue except for the low price estimate.
  5. According to the rules, the work of the machine is clockwise.
    I would like to see it. (From Input Machine to Output Machine)
  6. When there is no machine and load, immediately stop the machine
    Heb would report.

To create high-quality garments, stitch-level inspection is indispensable. By maintaining seam alignment, enhancing stitch quality, rectifying stitching flaws, and complying with quality standards, manufacturers can deliver exceptional garments that satisfy customers and uphold their brand reputation.

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