Definitions of Different types of fabric’s lay & packages.

Let’s have a discuss about Definitions of Different types of fabric’s lay & packages.

Tow type of lay according to primary method.


Different types of fabrics lay & package .

Different types of fabrics lay & package .

  • According to structure of fabric

            Straight lay

This type of lay are spread the spreading measurement by the full length of marker


           Stepped lay

These types of fabrics are spread without follow full length of marker. As a result these types of fabrics lay are spread of step by step. Because of being step by step using of that marker is different type of marker. Too many fabrics are west to make garment by using this technique and it’s a little critical to use, so day by day it’s loosing its popularity.


  • According to fabric spreading way

            Spreading lay from right to left

This technique is suitable for high length and open fabric. Every time of after spreading this technique are required to cut the fabric and start spreading from where it was cute. This is the reason every time these spreading machines start spreading from starting place.


            Spreading lay from left to right.

The working technique of spreading lay from left to right is as same as right from left. Different is this technique are required to turn over the fabric lay after complete the spreading.


            Zigzag lay

This methods are start the spreading from a starting point and go to the end point of spreading and its come back to the starting point without cut the fabric. Today this kind of techniques is so much popular spreading technique around the world but is methods can make the problem for asymmetric fabric.




  • According to the package of fabric.


             Open fabric roll

Open fabric roll is most popular fabric packaging method from all of fabric packaging methods. Without any fold this technique can methods can package more than 100 miters cloth which width can be 75 cm to 3 miters. To hand spreading and machine spreading is able to spread this roll.


             Tubular fabric roll

Most of the knitted fabric are packaging by folded fabric roll. Basically the tubular knit fabric roll is making by the width measurement of t-shirt or sports cloth. Spreading machine is need to spreading this fabric.


             Folded fabric roll

The middle point the fabrics are fold and packaging by a board which is perfect to retail business. These types of fabric package are not useable in garments because machine spreading is not possible to do. So this method is limited usage in present.


           Folder fabric scuttled

This technique is suitable for check and knitted fabric. To make this fabric takes a little more carefulness to make sure this fabric without any invalid fold but this package are make by the kink of the edge of fabric. Spreading of this fabric is so much hard so machine spreading is so much important for this method.


          Hanging fabric package.

Most valuable and expensive fabric is package by hanging fabric package like velvet fabric. This method makes sure the fabric is hanging in a frame to keep it without any crease. This packages fabric is spreading by labor. It’s not able to spread by machine