What is Panty? Top 10 panty Styles.


I’m going to discuss about What is Panty? Top 10 panty Styles. Panty is a specific designed for women undergarments which is like man underwear but those designed is different to make them comfort who worn this. Though the panties style or structure is like man underwear, but this is not completely same to each other. Every type of panties or designed panties is coverage less than underwear. Most of the women are fell free and comfort to wear bra (Brassier) with panty.

Bikinis Panties

Bikinis are so much popular around the world and almost every age between from 16 to 40. Though bikini panties doesn’t cover maximum area but this also worn under around the hips like hipsters panties. Bikinis are perfect for those women who are find thongs to be a little too skimpy in her dress. Bikini panties are used in most of sea beach women or girl visitors.

Tangas Panties

Tangas panties are connected by a plain strips over a little under the hips. These panties are also worn a little under the hips and its cover narrow bottom coverage. Tangas are also designed like bikinis and thongs. These panties worn under tight pants and many more tight cloth because this pantie doesn’t have straps so it’s doesn’t appear if front of cloth.

Hipsters Panties

Hipster panties provide the coverage more coverage than bikini. These types of panties are basically worn a little lower around the hips. Hipster cover maximum area and this is can be worn under low pants, miniskirts and many more cloth depend personal comfort. Like other design panties this kind of panties also available in different type of fabric from cotton to nylon.

Briefs Panties

Briefs are classified underpants category which is fit and perfect for women under any kind of cloth. Briefs underpants cover maximum area with take care about comfort and keep shape under cloth. Most of French-cut briefs have a higher-cut leg makes more attractive. These panties are made from silky synthetics to cotton and lace.

Control Briefs Panties

Control briefs are made to cover maximum area like briefs panties with some extra benefits and some exclusive, the tummy and shaping the buttocks. Control Briefs

Panties are made from cotton crotch panel.

Boylegs or Boyshorts Panties

These panties are specially designed for women or girl who is designed by following man or boy’s underwear style and shape also. So they are more comfort for those women which are like to worn boys underwear style and look them more comfortable and sexy. Using method of these panties is perfect under mini skirts and loungewear. These panties are available in every type of fiber or fabrics like from lace to simple cotton.

Granny Panties

Granny panties are different type or design, style then every other’s panties across the world. Granny panties are only used by old women who just fell comfort by worn a panties which is designed completely different and deferent type of fabric or fiber. Though these panties are made from many type of fabric or fiber but the most popular fabric is cotton made granny panties. On the another hand the granny panties is only designed for old women so its never worn my girl or a women who is medium age so this panties is specially for old women.

Thongs Panties

These thongs panties are designed similar to tangas and bikinis style, but they provide less coverage than thongs panties. They have a narrow strip of fabric in the back and them leaving most of the buttocks uncovered like bikinis. They are best and mostly worn with tight jeans, pants, or dresses and many more because they leave no visible panty seams. So it’s look nice and sexy then others.

Brazilian Panties

This kind of panties is coverage than thongs, but less than bikini. These panties provide the perfect for every shape of body and these panties are comfortable to wear with tight skirts.

G-Strings Panties

This panties style is coverage a little and making them sexy panties style. This panties coverage is good in front side but there have a thin string around the waist. G-strings also have no seams line so its look good under with tight jeans, pants, or dresses and many more because they leave no visible panty seams. These panties are made from much different type of fabrics.