Tips on Choosing Women Swimsuits

Tips on Choosing Women Swimsuits

In our eyes, there are only four kinds of wholesale swimsuits: One-piece swimsuits, split swimsuits, bikini and tankini set. In addition to good-looking, comfy and safety is the most important thing to choose swimsuits!

  1. Swimsuit Quality

    Swimsuits should be able to withstand the sun, wind and blisters, so the quality must be excellent. Swimsuits wholesale are mostly made of nylon and spandex. When buying swimsuits, it depends on whether the elasticity is good, whether the fabric texture is dense, whether the internal structure is fine, such as whether the stitches are neat, whether the fabric has defects, etc.the common swimsuit fabrics are warp knitted fabrics, and some weft knitted fabrics or woven fabrics. The common fiber components are nylon, polyester fiber, spandex, etc. Because swimsuit needs a strong fit, there are more spandex added to the fabric, and the elasticity of the product is mainly from the high elasticity of spandex.because the gravity of water has a certain drag effect on swimsuits, people need to buy swimsuits that are slightly tight, comfortable and easy to move, so it is very important to choose what kind of swimsuits.

  2. Style

    Asian women generally have short legs. In recent years, the popular swimsuits wholesale with high slits on the side of legs can make up for this deficiency, but 90% of women have the regret of protruding big leg bones, so it’s self defeating if they don’t dress well; For women with flat breasts, it’s easy to choose the design with thin lining or conspicuous horizontal stripes on the chest. Instead of the style with low chest, it’s better to choose the straight collar; If you have attractive shoulders, you can choose one shoulder or Strapless swimsuit, graceful and graceful; Two piece swimsuit, namely bikini style, high waist swimsuit and swimming vest combination style, is suitable for people with beautiful posture.

What Color Is a Good Swimsuit?

The color of the swimsuit is very important to highlight the body and form the overall tone of the skin. Black and white are suitable for any skin color. Compared with them, black is more practical and safe. It can properly cover up the shortcomings of the body, while white swimsuits have high requirements for the body. The skin that is browned by the sun should be matched with warm color swimsuit, such as red, orange and multi-color mixture; people with fair skin use cool colors best, such as blue, green and dark pink in warm colors, but don’t use light colors, such as pink, because light gray colors make skin appear pale and weak, lacking vitality and strength.

  1. White Swimsuits


    White swimsuits give people a sense of cool, black skin beauties do not have to worry about wearing on the body will have the effect of white and black. On the contrary, it’s reflective, but also to reflect the skin’s natural luster, it will not look disheartened.

  2. Red Swimsuits

    High purity red will also show white magic weapon, white skin girls wear more white skin. The babies with black and yellow skin can also brighten their skin color and look radiant. They don’t want to be cinderella.

  3. Rose Swimsuits


    In addition to the big red, there is a mild red. The beautiful color with pink in red can set off the beauty and satisfy the girl’s heart.

  4. Orange Swimsuits


    Orange is very suitable for Asian girls with yellowish complexion.Take lipstick for example, orange lipstick can improve their complexion, and people can ignore the flaws on dark yellow skin. Therefore, the girl with black skin can control it very well.

  5. Blue Swimsuits


    Blue gives people a sense of calm, is the most calm color. High brightness of the blue can be dark skin of the baby set off a good-looking skin color.

What is Suitable for Women with Dark Complexion?

The ideal condition for a dark complexion is to wear dark or light color: dark color is elegant and beautiful, light color is healthy and sunny. Proper use of the two kinds of color perception can not only cover up the lack of dark skin, but also emphasize the outstanding advantages of generous sunshine.

For people with dark skin, the purity of their skin is relatively high. They are suitable to choose colors with higher saturation, which are often called pure colors, such as red, green, bright blue, and national flag colors of various countries. It is not suitable for some colors (mixed color effect), such as gray green, mustard yellow, water blue, rose brown, etc.

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