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Defination About Textile Technology - Textile Student
Defination About Textile Technology - Textile Student

Definition About Textile Technology – Textile Student

  1. What is Clothing?

Clothing is a vast ward which is come from cloth; simply we know cloth means fabric but if we looking toward to know abut clothing then “clothing is a technique of garments manufacturing with fabric by using different design”. We need warp and weft yearns to weave a fabric as like as to make a garment we need fabric with many accessories. In one sentence “every technique of related with garments manufacturing process are called clothing”.

  1. What is spinning?

Spinning is process in textile where manufacturing yarn by using one or various textile fiber. Yarn is made by twisting and it’s should be minimum length as it can use in textile to make it garment. So we defined the spinning as a minimum length and strength full yarn making process.

  1. What is trash?

In a single sentence trash is no lint material in the cotton fiber. Various foreign materials also present in cotton also called trash like leaf, dust; break seed, micro fiber, and neaps etc. trash create different kind of problem during spinning process.

  1. Specification of any cotton fiber

Fiber length                             : 1.5

Amount of trash                       : 2.5%

Micromeres value                    : 3%

Strength                                   : 90,000 P.S.I.

  1. The quality of cotton fiber depends on.
  • Length of fiber
  • Strength of fiber
  • Color of fiber
  • Matured of fiber
  • Amount of trash
  • Flexibility of fiber
  • Sophistication of fiber
  1. What is ginning?

After cultivating cotton from field, its need to separate the fiber and seed. Seed and cotton fiber separating system is called ginning process.

  1. What is Lint?

Lint is long and suitable fiber for spinning which is separate with seed by ginning process. Lint is used to make yarn.

  1. What is linter?

After complete ginning process; some micro yarn are sticky with seed which is not directly used to make yarn is called linter.

  1. What is the amount of strength of a fiber is generate into yarn?

Generally 80% strength of fiber is generating into the yarn.


  1. Acceptable amount of cotton moisture?

Acceptable amount of moisture of cotton fiber is start from 6.5 to 8.5.