Describe of singeing machine

Singeing Machine - Textile Student

Singeing is the process of applying a protective adhesive coating on the surface of the warp yarn so as to increase smoothness, luster, evenness, weight and strength of the yarn. This process is very important to increase the efficiency of weaving.

Singeing Machine - Textile Student

Singeing Machine – Textile Student

On the other hand this is a mechanical process where the warp yarn is beaming by electrical or hand process, that time one type of adhesive liquid coating on yarn. The coating sticks the projecting fiber on the land of yarn so that it’s being smoother, luster, evenness etc. This process is called singeing process or dressing. Statistic says after singeing! The yarn gets more than 15-20% stronger than ever. After singeing yarn get strength go fight against the rubbing which is created from ride in loom.



State the objects of singeing

  1. After make the coating on the yarn so that the project fiber adhesive with yarn so that it’s look smooth and get little more strength.
  2. After singeing the yarn get the strength to protest the rubbing when the weaving or knitting.
  3. Singeing increase the yarn’s diametrical length so the yarn get zigzag free smoothness.
  4. Singeing makes the yarn increase its weights.
  5. Singeing can change the grade of yarn from low grade to high grade
  6. The yarn can be used perfectly after singeing.



Generally singeing machine classify in four divisions for there drying methods.

Cylinder drying

            Two cylinder type

            Multi cylinder drying

Hot air drying

Infrared drying

Combined system

Singeing system classification is given blew.

Slasher singeing

Hot pressure singeing

High pressure singeing

Foam singeing

Electrostatic singeing

Polymer emulsion singeing

Combined singeing

Singeing less yarn makes various problem during weaving so singeing less yarn can’t perform as same as singeing yarn. Singeing makes a yarn perfect for weaving and for next process.

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