Responsibility of sewing supervisor

Responsibility of sewing supervisor

Cloth is most known particular things we used since we were baby and still we use it every single day in our life social life. This cloths we wear, is not so easy to produce, its take a long journey in production factory. One of your garments is required to look after by too many responsible people. Today’s our discussion related one of them is called sewing supervisor. Sewing section is the unit of garments which is responsible to make a proper shape and extended life of stitch to maintain the buyer quality standard.

Responsibility of a sewing supervisor

Responsibility of a sewing supervisor

Responsibility of a sewing supervisor is not like a desk job and work eight hours in a day. It’s very difficult to explain who has no personal experience in garment sector especially in underdeveloped country like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many more. Sewing supervisor need to attend his/her duty in on production floor with hundred of sewing operators. Every production needs thousand of worker in a unit and in charge of all of them are production manager. In that case the production manager is unable to look after all of those workers so they need sewing supervisor to maintain a unit amount of worker and operator.  A sewing supervisor also observed by production manager, they get order from manager and done the job by worker. After complete the task the supervisor submit those production information in corporate office by order of production manager.

Responsibility of production supervisor

  • Planning and organizing production schedules
  • Take a look of the project and resource total amount of raw material.
  • Style Analysis with expert mind to get buyer requirement.
  • Estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with clients and managers
  • Ensuring that health and safety regulations are met
  • Discipline in Shop Floor
  • Operator Training needs to execute the production without any problem
  • Line Setting maintain the production system following step by step
  • Line Balancing and WIP Control
  • Determining quality control standards
  • Overseeing production processes
  • Re-negotiating timescales or schedules as necessary
  • Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials
  • Organizing the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment
  • Liaising with buyers and marketing and sales staff
  • Supervising the work of junior staff
  • Machine Selection
  • Stitching Quality
  • Meeting Target Production

Required special skill of production supervisor

  • Confidence on challenging work.
  • Technical skills in production sector.
  • Project management skills in relevant area.
  • Organisation and efficiency in factory
  • Communication skills with worker and office.
  • Team working skills with peaceful mind
  • Computer skill with MS Office and Internet
  • Problem solving skills to reducing time and money wastage.
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills to maintain worker.
  • Calculation skill to calculate any critical production calculation.


WIP : Waiting to Input

In consolation I would like to share my personal experience. Most of that are requirement I shared in this article is important to do a job in a garment industry as a supervisor. But there is something I didn’t mention in this article which is smartness and ability to maintain a good relation with boss and workers. So make a position by yourself don’t give-up the sector by thinking that garments is too harder job than you thought.  Best of Luck!

Definition and list of Sewing machine

Definition and list of Sewing machine

Definition and list of Sewing machine


By which machine used to sewing two or more pieces of fabric called sewing machine. A sewing machine sewing not only fabric, but also others material like bags, lather, foot-wear, tent & many more, Etc. sewing machine also used to increase the fabrics fineness and good looking by some special effect. Different sewing machine are obey there different duty to makes a better garments as we want.


List the type of sewing machine are used in textile industry


  • Manual operated sewing machine

Manual operated sewing machine is working by human hand or legs power. The machine operator’s have to operate the machine by his own hand or legs power so that operator can’t work so firstly and smoothly. As a result the manual operated sewing machine’s production is less than electrically operated sewing machine. Today most of the manual sewing machine used in home or a trailer shop because it’s not so expensive and it’s easy to maintenance and use.



  • Electrically operated sewing machine:

This kind of sewing machine working by electrical power, so it’s work first and smoothly. Comparatively electrical operated machine work and production so good than others so it’s called industrial sewing machine. Industrial sewing machine could be much type but some common types of machine are here.


  • Lock stitch machine
  • Chain stitch machine
  • Over lock machine
  • Zigzag stitch machine
  • Flat lock machine
  • Blind stitch machine
  • Button holing machine
  • Button attaching machine
  • Bartech machine


Industrial machine could have one to four needles as required so that many industrial sewing machines presented company fill the importance. There are too many industrial sewing machine produce company around the world but most of this machine used in Bangladesh like Juki, Pegasus, Seruba, brother, Puf, Singer Etc. Every company make competition together there machines power, speed, efficiency, performances etc. the maximum used machine in Bangladesh is juki.


Some machine’s has programming so that it’s possible to make automatic sewing for any design or length what ever you want but this machine is expensive and so hard to maintenance. Though its makes better than others but usages in our country is so less.