Different Parts of Brassiere (Generally known as Bra).


Brassier is an essential undergarments for a girl or a women who want to keep her breast in shape and more attractive by looking sexy. Different type of person has different interest about different type of Brassiere but they don’t have a little knowledge about different part of brassiere. For those people I tried to write and article called Common and different Parts of Brassiere to show them different part of bra.


Let’s Discuss the Definition of different Parts of Brassiere





Cup is two pieces of same shape and sized surrounded fabric which is used to lift and cover the breast of user. The cup of brassier can be made by one piece of fabric which one called seamless and it’s also can be made by different designed part of fabric to make it attractive look. Both of types brassier has so much advantage and disadvantage which is appear when the bra worn by someone. The exact size of a cup is depend on user’s breast size, shape, and round, contoured of body which is making for.






This is the specific part of bra which is played the viral roll to hold the bra with the body and carry most of the weight of breast. The band is made up of the wings and the center gore. The Band help’s to support 75% to 90% weight of the breast.






A wing is a part of band which is start from the outer edge of cup and end at the closer of band. Higher wings can be a problem if your breast site a little higher on your chest then high wings can cut your armpits.



Center gore



Centre gore and the centre front is small piece of fabric which is attached between two breast and two cups. This centre gore size is depending on exact two breast space between them.



Hook and Eye



Hook and eye are those element whose can help’s to tie the around the body using hook and eye. Hook and eye exist in on the last corner edge of wings or band. This element also help’s to use this bra loose or tight by personal comfort.






Apex is the point of bra which is connects bra’s cup and straps to support the bra. New women who is using bra newly she could fell a little gap here.






Straps are a part of bra which is not exist every kind of bra. Straps are start from apex front side of bra and end at the back of body or bra. Seems like straps is carry maximum weight of breast, but actually it doesn’t carry so much weight of breast. By adjusting straps (if exist) can possible to make custom shape user breast.






Seams are line which is long as long as the cloth but its width are customized is appear a little sewing or lining line. In every kind of bras are not exist this seams. To know about seam and seamless bra please read Different types of bra.




Cradle help’s use to repositioning the cup of a brassier. Its makes more comfort for a woman to wear a brassier.






This is an extra help full thing to wear any kind of bra. We can call it adjuster of a bra, to make it more comfortable than ever. By a slider or rings can adjust the length of straps.



35 Different types of Bra .


Bra or Brassiere is specific undergarments for women which are typically used to support women breast! Keep it in shape and make them more fashionable with comfortable. Though bra is a specific lady under garments but some male bras also available today to buy and use by a man basically who is so much fat. so we are trying to write What is Bra ? 35 Different types of Bra or Brassiere with HD photo. Let’s Have a look one the point of them.


Vintage Bra/ Brassiere

This is let us remembering the invented time of brassier in our planet. It’s full support bra with perfect body shape cup and takes such intention on both of breast axis. This bra invented in around 1960s. That time this bra was so much popular and its makes so much business about 20 years from 1940s to 1960s.


Bandeau Bra/ Brassiere

A simple piece of cloth or fabric band which is worn across the breast and tied or pin of the back of body. This isn’t fully support the breast but it’s provides a little support with shaping. Though it’s doesn’t gives so much pleasure to wear so mostly it’s use for style and fashion.

Mastectomy Bra/ Brassiere


This brassier is designed for the women who patient of breast cancer. This brassier is able to re-size the brassier cups. It’s appropriate for the specific women who lost one or two breast mastectomy treatment for breast cancer. Its makes them pretty and let them re-enter the society with their personality.


Demi Bra/ Brassiere

One of the most popular, easy to use and comfort bra are called Desmi bra. Its cover half of breast from horizontally and tied, pin or closed in back of body. Demi bra doesn’t cover full of breast its cove only above one inch from nipple. This kind of bra provides less coverage than others. Its only advantage is its helps the user to push up the breast from down to center of breast.


Balcounette  Bra/ Brassiere

This bra is modified and we can call it next version of demi bra, because its low coverage like demi bra but more lift power than demi bra and its suitable for every kind of low neckline Dress. Though this bra support the breast like push up bra but it doesn’t push the barest together at the center like push up bra. Another advantage of this bra is its suits everyone’s body what ever her breast size is.


Bridal Bra/Corset/ Brassiere




Bridal bra is specially designed for bride to use this bra for get the desire shape of wedding dress as it look like. This bra is so useful for bride; she can fell more easy and comfortable by wearing bridal bra on her wedding day. The whole weight of breast is carried by the bra as a result she could fell comfort and enjoy her wedding.


Belly Dance Bra/ Brassiere

This is one of those bras which are used to attend professional work like belly dance. This bra is also like another types of bras but this kind of bras are cover maximum area of breast. If you generally use 23C you have to take 34B belly dance bra to make more comfort and a few minor adjustments. These bras designs are different and used extra lace on it. Most of the belly dancers are wear bras without wearing any other cloth with it. So it’s should be full cover full and more designed as its look great by the audience.


Adhesive Bra/ Brassiere

 This is a bra whose neither has straps nor bands and it’s adhesive with breast as well without create any problem and make comfort as well. These types of bra also called strapless and backless style or fashion.

There are two types of Adhesive bras

    • Disposable paper ones (This one use a strong adhesive.)
    • Silicone ones (This one can be washed and reused.)


Built-in Bra/ Brassiere

Built-in bra is different then other’s structure because it’s not a separate garments to use, it is simply inside another garments like swimsuit or tank and many more to support breast and keep it desire look and make a little attraction. Basically this kind of bras is made by horizontal line elastic stripe to make it able to support the breast.


Convertible Bra/ Brassiere

Using different Stripe detached and rearrange to make it customize bra is called convertible bra. If someone want’s to use different design or different style for comfort, that is possible in this bra. This bra can be use direct or alternative stripe style for desire look.


Full Cup Bra/ Brassiere

This is one of the popular bras which are full cup and suitable for such women or girl whose breast is a larger then other and this is also can be use for pregnant women, basically whose breast a little larger then ever. This kind of bra is designed to keep the breast safe with shape and make it sexier by looking it larger. This bra is full cup so it can support or cover full breast that’s why it’s called full cup bra. Using this kind of bra can reduce breast sagging and back pain


Full Support Bra/ Brassiere

Full support bra is like full cup bra but not larger like full cup bra. It’s half an inch or one inch can be less from top. This type of bra is covering almost all of breast so it’s so much popular around the world because of it’s help them to fell more comfort with stylish.


Front Closure Bra/ Brassiere

Basically front closer bras are hooks and eyes are in front for bra rather then back of the body that’s why it’s called front closure bra. And on the other hand it’s completely flat in backside under the cloth. For the reason of this bra it s closed in front of the bra so it’s a little easy to use than other cloth like tank tops, T-shirt, shirt etc.


Under-wire Bra/ Brassiere

Designer of this bra they tried to make it extra supportable and endurance to the breast. They use wire, metal or plastic and try to make a maximum comfortable bra to rigid support the bust.


Multi way Bra/ Brassiere

Specially multi way bras has separate stripe which is used to make different design or life style and that can be worn in a variety of ways, such as over the shoulder, halter neck or across the middle of the body. This bra also can be used in tank tops or T-shirt as well. Another advantage of multi way bras is the stripe of the bras can be removing as well and possible to without it with comfort and style in any kind of dress.


U-plunge Bra/ Brassiere

This kind of bra is not useful for everyone .mostly perfect for those women or girl who want show their breast inside from the nipple. This is deep neckline plugging types of bra.


Trainer Bra/ Brassiere

This is soft and mostly knitting fabric bra which is designed for up coming age girl who doesn’t have proper size breast to use bra. This is perfect for small and growing breast and it’s not need to support breast hardly.


Maternity Bra/ Brassiere

This is popular on pregnant women whose womb is getting bigger with her breast. So they can handle or adjust her breast and body with this bra so easily as she need take care the baby in her womb.


Novelty Bra/ Brassiere

A different bras name of those people who are loved to enjoy exceptional sexual fantasy is called novelty bra. It’s could be wear by women in special sexual beach, lounge or secrete home party. The raw-material to make of this bra is lather, coconuts, or metal to make it unusual design.


T-shirt or seamless Bra/ Brassiere

This bra is called T-shirt bra but its not only using cloth is T-shirt but also it’s possible to use with any kind of cloth. This bra makes without any seam every corner of bra. So its look like seam less and it’s decoration with raised seam.


Racer back Bra/ Brassiere

This bra has strap which come from back and cross or add in point which is a little closer to neck. This kind of designed bras are can be used any type of straps less cloth. Most of the sports bra is follow this design.


Halter neck Bra/ Brassiere

Halter neck bras are work with clasps on the straps, which is attached back of the neck that’s why its look likes different. This designed bra cover almost 75% area of breast. This type of bras also can be use with strap less cloth


Peephole Bras/ Brassiere

This is another design where designer mention that in this bra should be a hole around the nipple. Though the nipple around has a hole but some bra’s hole can be open and close facility.


Padded Bra / Brassiere

Small breast and teenager’s girl this bra is made for them. It’s also like Trainer Bra because these both are bra is made for small breast and teenager’s girl. This is designed to provide a fuller shape for small breasts and alternative to bra stuffing, a practice among teenage girls in which ‘falsies’ like tissues, sugar packets, cotton balls, or socks are placed inside a bra to simulate larger breasts are called padded bra.


Nursing Bra/ Brassiere

Designed to help the mom who has a baby to breastfeeding her baby so easily without having any problem and wasting time. The cups of nursing bras are covered with flaps of fabric that can be unclasped at the top and pulled down to expose the breast to feeding and close it after feeding.


Strapless Bra/ Brassiere

Without use any shoulder straps over the shoulder to back. It’s designed to use the bra by Holderness like halterneck tops.


Water Bra/ Brassiere

Water bra is appropriate for those women whose breast is small and they want to show their breast larger to looks it’s pretty and show their personality. It’s made by extra water or silicon gel-filled cups include in bras so that its look like larger breast than ever.


Sport Bra/ Brassiere

For a sports girl or a woman it’s designed for to wear bra without other cloth so it’s make a little larger to prevent discomfort or embarrassment during vigorous exercise and made it full support for breast.


Push-up Bra/ Brassiere

This bra used to lift breast up and keep two of breast closer together. This bra has a good reputation to fully support a breast to push up and make it fit in shape. There are too many push up bras brand around but by the public opinion brand of push-up bra is the Wonderbra. Push-up Bra is able to use with every kind of dress.


Shelf Bra/ Brassiere

This is a bra which one doesn’t cover any part of breast not even nipple of breast. One single stripe is worn across the breast. So it’s not possibly use everywhere and with every dress.


Moulded Bra/ Brassiere

This type of bra called as moduled bra because it’s Module from foam or fabric. So that it’s also build without seamless this is also another advantage. This bra can cover more than 55% to 70% of breast.


Soft cup Bra/ Brassiere

This bra has no underwire supports in the cups but this is comfort enough to use. This is so much strength to support bust usually.


Half cup Bra/ Brassiere

Generally 50% of breast is covered by half cup bra. Its almost corner of bra is covered over the nipple. Half cup of bra doesn’t support breast full and its will show half of breast.


Minimize Bra/ Brassiere

Minimize bra designed to do work and make breast attractive and perfect from working bottom of breast. Basically a minimizer bra size is 34c or above but this bra can make fell of a women that her both of breast size are same and let her be more comfortable.