factor of fabric preparation

Description and factor of fabric preparation

Description and factor of fabric preparation


Description and factor of fabric preparation

Description and factor of fabric preparation

Fabric preparation

Before sewing an important step is fabric preparation which is start by grading, numbering, labeling, pattern matching, marking pocket, bundling, spreading and end by sending those fabric to the sewing section. Fabric is spread layer by layer on spreading table to make a suitable lay to cut too many pieces of fabric at a time. After make the lay a marker paper is set on fabric lay and make design which is need to do. According to design are draw on marker paper the fabric must be cut by fabric cutting knife or machine.

Factor of fabric preparation

  1. What kind of fabric package? Folded of rolled?
  2. Is there any shade variation on the selected fabrics?
  3. Specification of fabric thickness as required or not?
  4. Specification of fabric width as required or not?
  5. Fabric construction is match with design or not?
  6. The selvedge is same as the design or not?
  7. What is the recommended design and is the fabric design can makes those desire designs?
  8. Is the fiber is same on the fabric which is ordered by buyer or not?

Discuss the steps of fabric preparation before cutting.

Before sewing the fabric a few works to do like numbering, labeling, marking, bundling, are listed in fabric preparation. Let have a little discuss about those steps.


Too many pieces of fabric need to makes a fabric which is important to count properly and numbering each bundle or role of fabric. Which mean it’s let us know the exact & required amount of fabric. The selection of fabric by order of administration is help to send them to the sewing section by numbering technique.


After numbering every package or role of fabric, the next step is labeling because its help to identify the specification and quality of fabric.


Third step of fabric preparation is marking. Different tape is required to marking on fabric which is identified the different types of fabric. Marking helps to protect of mixing various color and type of fabric.



After follow the each part of fabric preparation bundling is final step of them. The fabric must be send to the cutting table after bundling. Follow the user advantage the bundle can fold or role shape.

Methods of fabric preparations

  1. Grading
  2. Pattern matching
  3. Spreading

            Manual spreading

            Spreading carriage

            Automatic spreading machine