Bangladesh’s Top 10 Garment Manufacturing Destinations

Bangladesh's Top 10 Garment Manufacturing Destinations

Bangladesh has emerged as a global hub for the garment industry, and several destinations within the country stand out as key players in this sector. Here are the top ten expert destinations for Bangladeshi garments:

  1. Dhaka: The capital city, Dhaka, is a major hub for garment manufacturing. It hosts numerous factories and is the epicenter of the industry, attracting international buyers and investors. The city’s infrastructure and accessibility make it a preferred destination for best production.
  2. Chittagong: As Bangladesh’s second-largest city and a prominent seaport, Chittagong plays a crucial role in the garment export sector. Its strategic location facilitates efficient transportation of goods, making it a vital destination for the industry.
  3. Gazipur: Gazipur, situated near Dhaka, is renowned for its industrial zones dedicated to textile and apparel manufacturing. The region’s concentration of factories and production units makes it a key destination for both local and international buyers.
  4. Ashulia: Known for its industrial zones and export processing zones, Ashulia is a significant garment production area. Its proximity to Dhaka and infrastructure support contribute to its prominence in the apparel industry.
  5. Narayanganj: With a rich history in textile and garment manufacturing, Narayanganj is a traditional center for the industry. The city is recognized for its expertise in producing high-quality textiles and garments, attracting buyers seeking premium products.
  6. Khulna: Khulna, a major industrial city in the southwest, has been gaining traction in the garment sector. Its strategic location and access to the Mongla Port make it a valuable destination for garment export and production.
  7. Comilla: Comilla, located in eastern Bangladesh, is home to a growing number of garment factories. Its emerging status in the industry is attributed to a combination of skilled labor, infrastructure development, and business-friendly policies.
  8. Narsingdi: Narsingdi is gaining prominence as a destination for its manufacturing, particularly for knitwear. The city’s focus on specialized production processes and its contribution to the knitwear segment make it a key player in the industry.
  9. Rajshahi: Known for its silk industry, Rajshahi has diversified into garment manufacturing. The city’s expertise in silk production and its efforts to expand into other textile segments position it as an emerging destination for garment production.
  10. Mymensingh: Mymensingh is becoming a notable destination for it manufacturing, leveraging its location and connectivity. The city’s commitment to sustainable practices in the industry adds to its appeal for environmentally conscious buyers.

In conclusion, Bangladesh boasts several expert destinations for it production, each contributing uniquely to the country’s position as a global leader in the apparel industry. Understanding the strengths and specialties of these regions is vital for stakeholders in the textile and garment sector.

Top ten country by cotton Exporting

Top ten country by exporting cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber which able to makes most comfortable and beloved of all cloth in efficient budget. This is the most popular natural fiber across the world because of its chemical and natural properties. Cotton takes an important role in textile industry to fill the necessity of natural fiber. All that textile production country does not have the ability to grow cotton in own country because of sufficient land, fertilization, climates and government approval. Pick a country like Bangladesh; it’s able to cultivate cotton in their inland but cotton takes a little long to grow and mature; in that time Bangladeshi farmer can grow more crops than cotton which helps them to survive and feed the nation.

Top ten country by exporting cotton

Top ten country by exporting cotton

In that case some people export their cotton after complete the demand of domestic industry. Various countries grow cotton which not only fulfills domestic needs but also boosting up the overall economical health of the country by exporting cotton across the world.

Global cotton export estimate amount was $54.3billion in 2015. Here are given blew the top ten list of the country which add a fair amount of money on annual growth of economy. This statistic is taken from recent global market export and import statistic report.

List of top ten country by exporting cotton:

S/N Country Worth of shipment in (USD) Percentage of total exports
01 China $15.8 billion 29.1%
02 India $7.5 billion 13.8%
03 United States $5.9 billion 10.8%
04 Pakistan $3.1 billion 5.7%
05 Hong Kong $2.3 billion 4.3%
06 Vietnam $1.8 billion 3.2%
07 Turkey $1.7 billion 3.1%
08 Italy $1.5 billion 2.7%
09 Brazil $1.4 billion 2.7%
10 Germany $998.9 million 1.8%

China is the country who leads the cotton exporting business around the globe. With 9,596,961 km2 and 1,376,049,000 population china produce a huge amount of cotton that fulfill their domestic Demand and makes more than $15.8 billion USD last year. Come to the second country India which 3,287,263 km2 and 1,293,057,000 of population they produce vast amount of cotton that fill domestic demand and export extra cotton; like china and makes $7.5 billion USD last year. In that situation one thing is clear that; to produce huge amount of cotton you need more lands with adept people to cultivate cotton to makes garments and export it in worldwide.