Definition with classification of fashion drawing

Textile Drawing

Definition with classification of fashion drawing: Drawing is a vast word which is used from the starting time of mankind and its will be attached with us directly and indirectly. Drawing comes from an English word draw. The meaning of the drawing is design, sketch, graphic arts, painting etc. drawing is done by using some different size and shape line and yield some design which are people like most. It’s called design or drawing.


Necessity of drawing:

To explain the illustration of mankind drawing is important what ever it’s in textile industry or some other industry else.

Drawing is important to describe some objects or material’s physical shape on a paper like photo.

Drawing is needed to show the different types of natural and abstract design.

By drawing we do aesthetic design every day so many work done like wrapping paper, cover page of every kind of books, different goods packet design, news paper design etc.

We also can draw architect design like building, tower, industry area etc.


Types of Drawing

  • Artistic drawing
  • Technical or Engineering drawing


Technical or engineering drawing can by classified by three different parts.

  • Geometrical drawing
    • Plane geometric drawing
    • Solid geometric drawing
  • Electrical engineering drawing
  • Civil engineering drawing
    • Structural drawing
    • Map drawing
  • Mechanical drawing
    • Sheet metal drawing
    • Marine drawing
    • Air craft drawing
    • Cabinet drawing
    • Textile drawing
  • Architectural drawing
  • Electronic drawing


Drawing is essential parts in every largest industry as it can make the diagram before the product made. Drawing is not only make the diagram of factory or product. Drawing also make the future plan of a company or product so drawstring is so much important everywhere in our present life. In textile industry drawing is important in fashion design sector. Designer make a demo design first to show the structure to the buyer and if the buyer agree with those design than its will be send to the garments manufacturing sector.