Measurement of a Shirt

Measurement of a Shirt

Shirt is a maximum globally used cloth and this is especially designed for men but women also used shirt for office and many purpose. There are too many parts require to measure and cut and sewing by industrial or tailoring technique. Shirt should be fitting by different body size otherwise those dresses couldn’t able to get its desire look. Tailoring technique makes perfect shapes and design as customer required but this is a little expensive than industrial system. In that tailoring system one shirt needs a longer time and makes wastage than industrial system. Industrial system takes so much less time than tailoring and industrial system makes less wastage but both has there own specialty.

Measurement of a Shirt

Measurement of a Shirt

You can find distinguish between garments and tailoring process. Here is some measurement that’s need to measure with a little careful to make a perfect shirt for customer as required. Prefect measurement could take a place of customer satisfactions. A textile engineer or a tailor cutting master should have the knowledge about this point are given blew to obey there professional duties.

5+6      = Collar Point

7+8      = Collar Height

9+10    = Collar Length

8+11    = Band Width

5+14    = Collar Outer

6+15    = Collar Inner

12+13  = Collar Spread

16+17  = Chest/Bust

18/19   = Waist

20+21  = Bottom/Sweep

35+36  = Pocket height

22+23  = Across Chest

17+24  = Arm hole

24+26  = Sleeve length

26+27  = Cuff length

28+29  = Front length

31        = Box plate/Top center

24+25  = Back yoke

32+33  = Elbow

17+21  = Side Seam

30+34  = pocket length

24+28  = Shoulder

All those measurement are required to make a shirt what ever it in garments or tailoring system. Though this is the measurement area but there is little way to take perfect measurement by expert cutting muster. Please take an expert advice to take first step in this measurement area.