Membrane seperation for effluent & discussion

membrane seperation for effluent & discussion

Wastewater includes an oversized sort of dyestuffs and chemical addition that create environmental challenge. Principally effluent come back from colouring and finishing processes. That need the input of a good vary of chemicals and dyestuffs. That usually area unit organic compounds.

Wastewater contains high suspended solids, colloids, dissolved salt and organic matters. Therefore effluent ought to be treated. The aim of effluent treatment is to get rid of those suspended solids et al. Organic compounds as attainable before combination in water .There area unit several method that area unit wont to treat the effluent. Membrane separation method is one in all them.


Treating effluent of a pilot plant reproducing on a smaller scale a separation system supported ultrafiltration and reverse diffusion. (The method that use a partly leaky membrane to get rid of ions, unwanted molecules and bigger particles from potable in referred to as reverse osmosis)

In this technique, Effluent from coloring Associate in Nursing finishing plant once activated sludge oxidization. A microorganism biomass suspension is liable for the removal of pollutants) was treated at Associate in Nursing 800 l/h by suggests that of sand filtation followed by a separation in an radical filtration membrane module that is employed to get rid of all mixture particles (0.01 to 1.0 microns) from water and typically it removes the biggest dissolved contaminants.

Last Step for effluent sepration

Last separation step. Reverse diffusion (a pressure that push water through semi-permeable membrane and take away contaminants) eight bar pressure. Created a permeate (60% of the recess flow) that hoping on the analytical screening performed . Produced permeate will be reused all told production steps. A preliminary analysis of investment and operational prices conjointly gave encouraging indications of the economic feasibleness.

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Another method that is additionally common is thought as Vapor permeation. It suggests that the transport of matter through a membrane from a vapor feed mixture to a vapor permeate. In essence, porous and/or nonporous membranes will be wont to separate vapor and gas mixtures. It works counting on the molecular size and form of their constituents. Non porous membranes area unit commonly used and in this case vapor permeation is closely associated with concentration.

why garments workers are loosing their job?

why garments workers are loosing their job

Bangladesh performing very well in GDP growth for past decade. Where they mostly depends on garments manufacturing sector. It’s contributed 85% of Bangladesh’s economy statistics has released by government.

The giant business country USA and China has been fight together for last few month. For the sake of Huawei and national security issue in USA, as per Donald trump’s public speech. Bangladesh and those country in Asia took the chance to booming it economy. Bangladesh successfully achieved that opportunities.

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Thus; Bangladesh should be more beneficial for manufacturing company along with its workers. But recently “more than 25000 of garments workers losses their job and 40 factories has shutdown” non-government organization says. This country is well known for cheap price & good quality of products. Because labor cost was as low as 5,300/= BDT approximately ($62.7397). December last year the government take a vital decision to grant workers demand to increased minimum wages to 8,000/= BDT approximately ($94.6952 ).

There are too many small factories who was doing business by sub-contract in challenging working environment with low cost workers. Those people makes small company who has a little garments knowledge. After implementing the minimum wage law; they faces horrible situation and force to shutdown the factory. Because they are unable to provide government approved minimum wage. This is how the small business owners unable to continue the business. So thousand of workers had lost their job and come out to the street for protesting and demand for job.

The neighbor country India, who was world’s 5th largest economy in last year. But now it has dropped by 7th position . Their workers losses the job more rapidly than Bangladesh. India experiencing financial crisis.

so not only garments sector but also each and every sector is going down on growth statistics. Automobiles sector had a huge shocked as low as last 45 years and losing lakhs of job. India slipped to 103 from 100 in global hunger index in about 119 countries. Experts says this GDP slowdown causes demonetization, GST, and many more wrong decision taken by current government.

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On the other hand, the giant business companies in Bangladesh performed much better with this such environment. An Executive of cutting department in a factory located in Gazipur, named Mr. Abdul Kalam says to textile student that “most of the company holds the increment of office stuff due to increment of workers to balance company’s expenses for several month. Even the festival bonus didn’t paid at all in last few occasions.

Mr. Abdul Kalam express the happiness after know that GDP growth of Bangladesh. He prays to Allah for more success for his company and country.

Bangladesh has topped by GDP growth.

Bangladesh has topped by GDP growth.

Gross domestic product ( GDP ) is Most usages measuring criteria of a country’s economy. According to the recently released “Spectator Index-2019”. Bangladesh has topped in the list of growth rate, from 2009 to 2019. The growth success based on various internal matters like pertaining to politics, economics, history, military affairs, sports, over growing science and technology.

Bangladesh booming its economy rapidy last decade. basically based on ready made garments (RMG) sector. where its gets more than 85% contributions. This sector performed very well in recent years and currently; US-China trade war by getting many more extra production order. Infrastructure of garments manufacturing factory in Bangladesh, has improved a lot. After several historical unexpected accident like Rana plaza collapsed and horrible Fire incident of Tazreen factory.

Last year the government of Bangladesh has increased the minimum wage from 8,000/= BDT per month (Approximately $94.8494 USD).

Sudden improvement of infrastructure, wage and still cheap price. Bangladesh has implemented several safety law like, Fire, building, working environment and many more. Worker and every office stuff take part in every months Fire and civil defiance drill. So The international customers show significant positive impact for placing more production order.

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World Bank has released the statistics of last financial year. where the economy size was about $274B dollar, instead it was $102B dollar in the year of 2009. The GDP (nominal) size surpassed the $314.656B mark in June and per capital $1,888 showed by government’s figures.

According to a chart; was posted on The official accounts of pectator Index’s Twitter and Instagram.

Past decade the GDP growth are following.

Bangladesh’s grew 188%.
Ethiopia’s grew 180%.
China’s grew 177%.
India’s grew 117%.
Indonesia’s grew 90%.
Malaysia’s grew 78%.
Australia’s grew 41%.
Brazil’s grew 17 %.

Bangladesh is now the 29th largest economy in the world. As per the latest GDP ranking based on purchasing power parity (PPP) published by the International Monetary Fund.


Bangladesh is booming it’s economy in garment sector.

Bangladesh is booming in its garments sector

Bangladesh is a tiny country in South Asia, growing up after had a liberation war against Pakistan. Most of the people doesn’t know clearly about Bangladesh. But some of you might notices that “made in Bangladesh ” below your garments brand tag mostly in western country. Because, Bangladesh is the second largest garments exporter in western country after China.

The interview video taken might be long ago but I saw that a few months ago. The shirts was made in Bangladesh. which is used by Donald trump (USA president). Unbelievable! Isn’t It? Bangladesh is booming it’s economy in garment sector.

Few months ago I wrote an article about the business opportunities that India, could have get. But due to too much internal political issues they fails to acquire such opportunities. Even India currently fighting with its worse financial crisis in every financial sector like auto mobile’s, IT, Chemical, textile and consumer product’s etc.

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Bangladesh gets those business and show some positive growth in recent economic year. It’s contributed 85% in total countri’s economy. Estimates $388 crore in July this year. which is maximum by exporting garments, economic statistics says. This statistics placed a significant milestone by increased almost 10% by previous financial year.

Due to USA- China trade war, both country internally boycotted each other products and services. So they are looking for alternative source’s to Full fill their necessity. Bangladesh would be one of their first choic for cheap price, good quality and execute in lead time.

Experts say’s the “export might be increased after October”. We’ll see it’s effective on November. because the it’s the time when western country asked for shipment. economic advisor of government has predicted, the current financial year’s milestone would be $450 crore. Base on that prediction, Bangladesh need to export at least $380 crore each month consistency to touch the desire milestone. It’s a matter of time to see, do they have the guts? To do or not to build the nation in a suitable placed in the list of middle class country list.

Manufacturers demand for improvement of the infrastructure of port, rules & regulations. As they can make the goods in reasonable price and send to the customer in lead time. Bangladesh is booming and prediction says, it could more success in near future.

Is India ready to take the advantage of US-China trade war

Is India ready to take the advantage of US-China trade war

Consistent overgrowing nation India can take some advantage from US-China trade war by taking the market place globally in synthetic or so called man-made Fibre. Though it’s holds a great opportunity for India to spreading it’s business more place with good quality of products reasonable price and reducing carbon dioxide emissions from industries as experts expected.

According to textile Secretary Ajit B Chavan, we need to come up with a strong plan as we can take our textile industry into next level to competitive globally. We’ve been observing last several years; our intention on only production but now we have to be serious about product quality and out her criteria to improve our products standards in global markets. “It is high time that the industry changes its approach to move into the second growth phase and aim for exports of around $100 billion from the current $40 billion,” He said at the CII Texexcel 2019, the National Textiles 4.0 Summit in India.

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China is well known for making all types of goods and export all over the world, so that due to low budget China export cheap goods in India. In this matter Grasim Industries Dilip Gaur (Chairman, CII National Committee on Textile & Apparel & Managing Director) said, “India needs to create trade barriers for China to prevent it from dumping cheap textile products into India. The textile industry aims to be a $350 billion industry by 2025 from the current $137 billion.

Companies should also look at reducing carbon footprints. India should look at presenting itself as a competitive manufacturing nation,” Agarwal added.

Now it’s a matter of time , to see how India use this glorious opportunity to make its own business footprint one step ahead in global market in the race of us-China trade war. The trade was was started when USA banned Chinese oriented brand called huawei mobile.

Top 10 most amazing textile Revolution in future

Top 10 most amazing textile Revolution in future

Textile industry is one of the industries which doesn’t look like it fluctuates much. Right? Well, think again! In this age of technological advancement it is logical to assume that every industry is bound to keep a futuristic outlook. Futuristic textiles are a thing now; be it the outgoing and bold dresses generally associated with the Western world, or the reserved and modest dresses linked to the conservative and Muslim world. Every corner of the world is certain to be shook by the advancements in the textile industry.

Below are listed the ten of the most amazing textiles of the future:

1. Apparels which will be able to self-clean!

Yes, you read that right! Dr. Rajesh from an Australian university namely Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology led the research which made significant discoveries’ about the structure of different elements of cotton, which can clean themselves. Although, it is still work in progress, the scientists are hopeful for it to become a realty soon.

Self-cleaning clothes might be a thing in the near future. People who do their laundry know the hassle they have to go through. Gathering the clothes, putting them in the machine, and getting them through a dryer; all with the super wet surf and lather. This hassle is all but about to end in the future.

2. Vibrating sportswear

There are many instances of sports where precision and accuracy is required to get going. Take for example the throwing of a cricket ball at a specific angle set by the cricketing lawmakers. The angle is fifteen degrees of elbow joint which can be straightened while bowling. To make young cricket bowlers make sure they practice this legal angle; Cricflex is a startup producing arm wear which vibrates if your bowling action falls short of the legal fifteen degrees.

Likewise, fitness clothing which include gymnastics, aerobics, and other such sports which require precise angles are jumping on vibrating sportswear bandwagon.

3. Clothes with recycled ocean plastic

Plastic waste is a big concern for ocean life. Plastic waste is being used to create sportswear and in the near future shall be recycled to make routine apparels which can be worn like normal clothes.  Adidas made football jerseys for a few football clubs like Man United which were made of ocean plastic which turn into textile goods.

4. Colour shifting clothes

Ever wondered what would it be like to attend different themed parties wearing the same shirt? Not a good idea, right? Well in the near future you can do so as the colors of the shirt will shift as per your requirement. Attend as many parties as you like wearing the same shirt but adorning different colours!

5. LED Lights enable cloths

Models, TV stars, and all those red carpet musicians tend to wear eye-catching sharp outfits. In the futuristic outlook of such red carpet events, the musicians, rappers, and models might be seen wearing these LED enabled clothes which give off unique effects due to the built-in LED system. It shall be a customizable LED system with designs and colors of our choosing.

6. Built-in Medical data censors and health monitoring system

Health is wealth! Scientists are working on a line of clothing which collects your medical-grade information, converts it into data and shall be sued to diagnose the wearer of any disease beforehand. Apart from the basic diseases, this might be helpful in diagnosing major diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, and other such ailments.

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7. Go smart with your smart clothes like smartphone.

No need to worry about taking out your smartphone from your pocket every now and then. Whether it’s the cold, or you are riding a bike or cycle, no need to put in the extra effort to attend to a call or reply to a text! These are the futuristic clothing add-ons that shall be offered by the apparel companies in collaboration with the smartphone companies. One example is the Commuter Trucker Jacket which is made by the famous company Levi’s.

8. Revolution of apparel by banana fiber

Revolution of textile by banana fiber- waste material
Revolution of textile by banana fiber- waste material

The banana fiber is epitome of strength and durability. The stem of the banana tree is sued to make this fiber and is extremely durable as well as environment friendly. The cost associated with these fibers is therefore very less, which in turn produces cost effective clothing. Therefore, the needy people can benefit from this type of fiber clothing in textile industry.

9. Massager garb

Visiting a massager after a tiring day of work or sport might not be the last thing on your mind. To counter this a full-fledged garb is there to massage you while you lay down for a quick rest. The combination of censors and corresponding vibrations make massage movements on key areas of the body, and the result is a complete home massage.

10. Fruits fiber & Nooo ! animal

Leather products are expensive and brutal as they are procured after some animal is killed for the hides. An increasing number of customers want to play no role in this brutal killing spree of animals. Organizations like PETA which work for animal protection have raised their voices too. Therefore, the fruit waste like apple left from juice production is being used as a fiber for clothes.

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