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Classification Of Textile Fiber.

If you describe the definition of textile fiber in single sentence than you can say “Textile fiber is that essential textile Ra-Material to produce any kind of textile or garments products”. To make Woven fabric, Non-Woven fabric, knitting fabric, Felt, Lace Etc. Without use any kind of textile fiber, simply no one can even think to make any kind of textile or garments products.

The definition of another hand like,                                                                                                                                                                                           A unit of matters characterized by flexibility, fineness, strength, high ration to length to width is called fiber. Generally a fiber should be 500 to 1000 times longer than its width. It needed to enable fibers to be twisted together to from a yarn.

Requirement for Use-able fiber
Textile fiber should be minimum length 5 mm, soft, supple and able to spin. A textile fiber should have elasticity, strong, luster, smooth and many more requirement to be an ideal textile fiber what ever the fiber is natural or man made fiber (Synthetic).

There are too many textile products in the whole world. The product must made by some textile fiber between natural and man made (Synthetic). Each fiber’s have too many classifications. Let’s go to read more to know the classifications of all textile fiber.


Classification Of Textile Fibers


Classification Of Textile Fibers.

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