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Difference between “Natural fiber and man made fiber”.

Natural fiber and man made fiber: Textile is a technology depend on fiber. Fiber is a things which is used to make yearn and fabric. Fiber is come from two different source. Two source of fiber is Natural fiber and man made fiber also called Synthetic fiber. Natural fiber is comes from nature, that’s why its called natural and on the other hand when the human make a fiber to us those alternative by natural fiber and its makes from different type of chemical in a factory is synthetic fiber. synthetic fiber is made by human so that its called man made fiber. Click here to to the classification of fiber

This yarn is made form synthetic fiber (Man made fiber) given blew on this picture.


Keep reading and lets find out the common distinguish between Natural fiber and man made fiber:

Natural Fiber Man-made Fiber
#The natural fibers we get from nature are called natural fiber. #. The fiber made by synthetic or regenerating system called man-made fiber.
#. In the natural fiber molecules are not limited. #. In the man-made fiber molecules are limited as the producer want.
#The numbers of molecules are controlled by nature and the length can not be controlled by nurture. #. The numbers of molecules are controlled by man & the length can be control.
#. Natural fiber is comfortable and it’s good for health. #. Man-made fiber is not comfortable and it’s not good for health.
#. Its expensive fiber. #. It’s not so expensive fiber.
#. The strength of natural fiber is low. #. The Strength of man-made fiber is high.
#. The productions of natural fiber depend on nature climate and environment. #. The MM f can be produce with local materials and chemicals. It is not depend on nature.
#. It’s not much favorable for finishing. #. It’s favorable for finishing.






NB: This is not all of difference between natural and man made fiber, so help us to know all of it! 


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