The functions of ingredients are used in printing paste.

solvent- The functions of ingredients are used in printing past.

Printing paste is a viscous paste which is made from pigments, thickeners and many of chemical and its help to make desire different color and shape design on the land of any kind of fabrics or cloths. Printing paste should be prepared before start the printing process. Let’s get the descriptions which are used in

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Classification and properties of pigments.

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Classification and properties of pigments Mainly pigments are two kinds. Natural pigment   Organic pigment Vegetable Organic Animal Organic Inorganic pigment Azo Non-Azo Synthetic pigment            Organic pigment Azo Pigment Precipitate Azo       Inorganic pigment Non Azo Precipitate Basic Dye Precipitate Acid Dye Pthalocyanic Pigment Qnino noid Dyes Miescellaneous Quino cridine     Properties

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