Revolution of textile by banana fiber

Revolution of textile by banana fiber

Banana is a famous well-known fruit specially in yellow color all across the word. Banana has too much natural nutrition fact that makes human body more healthy and strong. Today’s we realize that banana is not only one purpose we cultivate banana tree.  Because banana stalk can be used to produce fiber that could make textile products like tea bag, sanitary napkin, floor and wall mat, recently japan used this fiber to make yen bank notes car tyres and many more. The multipurpose usage of banana fiber increasing the demanding value recent years. Expert says this banana fiber might brought to light by Japanese and Nepalis on ancient time when they thinking about waste the entire banana tree by cut and through into dustbin. They find out the stalk of banana fiber can be produced to make rope that take too much force to get it breaking point.

Revolution of textile by banana fiber

Revolution of textile by banana fiber

The archaeologists say may be three banana trees was first cultivated in Kuk valley of New Guinea around 8,000 BCE but it could be occurred throughout South-East Asia and the South Pacific. In the time of 13th century they use banana stalk as a source of fiber. But when people get a better, strong and smoot fiber like cotton and silk the banana fiber faded away by time.


Todays those ancient thought giving us amazing silk grade banana fiber by Turning a waste into profit. Banana fiber composed of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin so it’s like bamboo and ramie fibers. But its fineness and spin ability are better than bamboo and ramie fibers.


Properties of banana fiber

  • The chemical composition is cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin.
  • It has better fineness and spin ability which include ring spinning, open -end spinning, best fiber spinning and semi-worsted spinning.
  • Banana fiber is strong fiber & it has smaller elongation and
  • its weight is light.
  • It has strong moisture absorb quality.
  • Best fiber of banana extract from bark of banana tree.
  • Banana fiber is bio-degradable and no negative effect on environment so we called it ECO-friendly fiber.
  • Banana fiber comes from wasted banana tree which we thought worthless.
Revolution of textile by banana fiber- waste material

Revolution of textile by banana fiber- waste material


Production of banana fiber

  • Banana fiber is harvested
  • Stems are peeled to extract sheaths
  • Sheaths are fed into machine
  • Extracted fiber in sun dried for a day
  • Banana fiber is ready for craft
  • Fiber used for handicrafts

Value of banana fiber is increasing for its demand and multipurpose usages all over the world.   This is one another step ahead taken by global textile industry by Turning wasted material into a valuable fiber.

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