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Properties and List the trade name of disperse dye

Properties of disperse dye and List of the trade name of disperse dye

Properties and List the trade name of disperse dye

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Properties of disperse dye

  • Disperse dye are a little soluble in water and its makes fine dispersion in water. Disperse dyes are fully soluble in organic compound like tuluin and benign.
  • Light fastness of disperse dyes are from fair to good ratted. The ratting of disperse dyes are from 4 to five.
  • Because of hydrophobic character this dyes are not so good at washing fastness. The ratting of washing fastness is from medium to good.
  • This dye is good for hydrophobic fiber like polyester, nylon, acrylic Etc.
  • Disperse dye has not attraction to cellulose and regenerated fiber.
  • Disperse dye able to gives us the medium and bright shade.
  • Rubbing fastness is good for disperse dye
  • Disperse dye is used by neutral or a little aside solution.


List of the trade name of disperse dye


Trade Name Of Disperse Dye Production Company Producer Country
Despersol darenol ICI UK
SRA British Celanese Ltd. UK
Serilim, seri sole Yorkshire dye ware & chemicals co. UK
Celliton, palani BASF Germany
Resoline Bayer Germany
Samaron Hoechst Germany
Novalon, Citacet trasil, setacyl. Coba- Geigy Switzerland
Artinil, foron blue, foron brilliant yellow, forosyn HS. Sandoz Switzerland
Setile, Tersttle. ACNA Italy
Acitamine Duepont USA
Eastman estone Eastman Kodak USA
mikelton Metsui chemical co. Japan
nylo-quinone Francolour France
vonteryl Vondalin gen pleat Holland
Chemi lene. Chemiequip Pvt Ltd. India


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