Discussion about different type of splice

Discussion about different type of splice
Discussion about different type of splice

Discussion about different type of splice


During the fabric spreading process, if the fault detector machine gets any fault or damage on the fabric then the fabric must be cut by width and start spreading from the edge of fabric already spread by overlapping. This kind of overlapping is called splice. Generally overlapping or splice is signed in marker.

Discussion about different type of splice

though this article suppose to describe different type of splice but in the reality there are two different type of splice according to the garments industry. splice is a technique which is help spreading fabric on the spreading table for the it perfect shape as it can sewing and get the desire garments product.


Two types of splice

Straight line splice

Straight line splice is pointed width with a straight line on the spreading table to show the fabric edge. Pattern is stick with both side of straight line into marker. Fabric spreading is starting with 2 inch of fabric extra on splice line positions.


Interlock splice

This kind of splice is hang two straight line with is add into a specific point. At first this marker design is draw on the marker table by chalk. Interlock splice is defined two interlock pattern in the two different lines. As like as the straight splice this splice also take extra 2 inch fabric on overlapping position.

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