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Describe different types of button are used in garments.

Describe different types of button are used in garments.

Describe different types of button are used in garments.


Definition of Button:

Button is an essential material which is applied to make better garments. Button always used all most every type of cloth or garments what ever you say! Button ingress the fineness and it’s also play the essential part of garment. A button can be made from different type of material like wood, plastic, bone, pearl, nylon, acrylic metal and see shell.



Character of a button

  • A button should not reduce its color during using.
  • A button should not reduce its color and strength after washing hot or cold water
  • A button should not melt or crease by calendaring or ironing heat.
  • A button should be perfect in wash fastness as a result its never be able to make discolor the dress by its own color.
  • A button should not broke or itchy by a tiny thrust.
  • A button should be able to sticky with the dress.
  • A button should be rust free after using a long duration though it’s made from steel or iron metal.
  • A button should be comfortable and look gorgeous.
  • Carve of the button should be smooth so that it never harm the cloth or the body.
  • A button should be easy to use any where any time.



List of different types of buttons

  • Shirt buttons
  • Cardigan buttons
  • Coat buttons
  • Press buttons
  • Hooks and eyes
  • Hooks and fasteners
  • Shank buttons
  • Lather buttons
  • Cloth buttons
  • Metallic buttons
  • Wooden buttons
  • Printed buttons
  • Buckles
  • Glass studs
  • Vekro tape
  • Fancy buttons
  • Lac buttons
  • Kurta button
  • Safety pins
  • Broaches
  • Cufflinks
  • Zippers
  • Chinese frog
  • Pearl buttons
  • Wax buttons



The using technique and the system is almost same all over the world but the shape, design, size, weight is different in different country and nations. Though is different but is possible to use by any country or nay nation. Button is not only used in garments sector but also is used in so many industries.

Md Mustak Ahmed: He is Editor-in-Chief of Textile Student Blog, researcher and article writer on textile technology. He is managing director of Bornomala Foundation, Magura, Bangladesh.