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Complete Dyeing process of cotton

Complete Dyeing process of 100% cotton fabric
Cotton is most popular natural fiber around the world. The original way of wet processing is most important. Follow chart is part and parcel in textile industry. This is ideal follow chart for cotton dyeing which is help somebody to know about cotton fabric or yarn dying.

Complete Dyeing process of cotton

I’m describing the complete dyeing process of 100% cotton fabric by the following process flowchart:
Fill water

Load fabric

Temperature control 600 C

Inject detergent + Sequestering agent + Anti-creasing agent

Run time 10 minute

Caustic dosing 600C X 10’

Increase temperature at 700C

H2 O2 dosing

Run time 110 0 C X 40’

Cooling at 800 C

Rinse at 60 0C for 7 minute

Water drain

Fill water and inject PKK

Temperature 980 C and run time 10’

Cooling at 800 C

Rinse at 50 0C for 7 minute

Water drain

Fill water

Inject acetic acid at 550 C X 10’ and check p H

Raise temperature at 800 C X 10’ and destroy enzyme activity

Rinse for 5 minutes

Water drain

Fill water

Check p H

Temperature 600 C

Inject leveling + sequestering agent run time 5’

Inject salt 600 C X 20’

Color dosing 60 0C X 33’

Run time 20 minute

Soda ash dosing for 33’

Check sample after 10, 33.…… during shade matching

Rinse at 50 0C for 15’


Fill water

For neutralizing, inject A. acid

Run time 10 minute then rinse for 10 minute


Fill water


A. Acid 55 0C X 10’

Check PH

Inject softener

Run time 500C X 20’



Fill water

Cold wash

Unload from machine


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