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Classification & description with trade name of Mordant dyes


Classification & description with trade name of Mordant dyes and methods of mordant dyeing.

Mordant is a word which is related with hydrophobic fiber dyeing is come from a Latin word mrdaeo means some material which is Strongly cling with something’s. Mordant is essential equipments which are used to make mordant dying to attach with fiber so hardly. An organic compound named tannic acid can be listed with mordant. Now a day the material is used so much with mordant dyeing is called chromium. So that mordant dyes also called chrome dye. This type of dyes is specially good for synthetic fiber.


Mordant dyes react with metal oxide and make insoluble pigment. The ancient time so many dyes source are come from vegetable like madder, log wood, fustic etc. the other hand so many dyes come from some moth like cochineal, kerness, lakha etc.


Mordant Color
Aluminum Oxide Red
Tin Oxide Pink
Iron Oxide Brown
Chromium Oxide Puce Brown
Copper Oxide Yellowish Brown


Classify of the mordant dye

Nirto dyes

Xanthane dyes

Thiozine dyes

Triphenyl methane dyes

Anthroquinine dyes

Monoazo dyes

Diazo dyes

Oxazine dyes


A few dyes also include in mordant dyes

Dioxine L

Chromor hodine B (DH)

Oxyllin (BASF)

Solochrome brill, violet BR (ICI)

Eriochrome brill violet B.

Naphtho chrome azurine B

Alizarine orange A (ICI)

Alizarine red 3B



Generally three method of mordant dye are used.

Chrome mordant process

After chrome process

Metachrome process


Manufacture Company, Trade name and producer country of mordant dye.


Manufacture company Country Trade Name
Acna Italy Dia Cromo
B.A.S.F Germany Basolan Chrome
Bayer Germany Alizarin, Diamond Chrome, Gallo Chrome, Chromo Xane.
Ciba-Giegy Switzerland Synchromate, Chrome,   Naphtha Chrome
Durand & Huguenin (Sandoz) Switzerland Novochrome, Perchrome
Fan color France Chrome
I.C.I Britain Solochrome, Solochromate
L.B. Holiday company Britain Mono Chrome
Sandoz Switzerland Alizarine, Omega Chrome.



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