The functions of ingredients are used in printing paste.

solvent- The functions of ingredients are used in printing past.

Printing paste is a viscous paste which is made from pigments, thickeners and many of chemical and its help to make desire different color and shape design on the land of any kind of fabrics or cloths. Printing paste should be prepared before start the printing process. Let’s get the descriptions which are used in

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Wet processing flow chart for cotton.

wet processing flow chart for Cotton

The main aim of wet processing is take a gray cloth and make them finished fabric as it can make garments by take them into too many wet processing technique. Wet processing process makes a fabric more useable, more fineness, and more attractive to the consumer. Wet processing is a two single word but means

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Classification and properties of pigments.

Classification of pigments Banner

Classification and properties of pigments Mainly pigments are two kinds. Natural pigment   Organic pigment Vegetable Organic Animal Organic Inorganic pigment Azo Non-Azo Synthetic pigment            Organic pigment Azo Pigment Precipitate Azo       Inorganic pigment Non Azo Precipitate Basic Dye Precipitate Acid Dye Pthalocyanic Pigment Qnino noid Dyes Miescellaneous Quino cridine     Properties

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Classification & description with trade name of Mordant dyes

Classification & description with trade name of Mordant dyes and methods of mordant dyeing.

  Mordant is a word which is related with hydrophobic fiber dyeing is come from a Latin word mrdaeo means some material which is Strongly cling with something’s. Mordant is essential equipments which are used to make mordant dying to attach with fiber so hardly. An organic compound named tannic acid can be listed with mordant.

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Properties and List the trade name of disperse dye

Properties of disperse dye and List of the trade name of disperse dye

Properties and List the trade name of disperse dye Let’s go check it out. Properties of disperse dye Disperse dye are a little soluble in water and its makes fine dispersion in water. Disperse dyes are fully soluble in organic compound like tuluin and benign. Light fastness of disperse dyes are from fair to good

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Classification of enzyme according to source

Classification of enzyme types according to source : Enzyme is a essential material which is used in wet processing to make a fabric more comfortable and more stronger then ever. Basically enzyme comes from two source bother are from natural but one is vegetable enzyme and another one is from animal enzyme. The working character

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Classification of Textile Testing


    Importance of textile testing: Testing is an essential step in textile sector for keep the quality according to buyer on the product. So textile testing is so much important for textile study let’s have a discussion about Classification of Textile Testing. Without textile testing there is no way to make a place in

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