Definitions of Different types of fabric’s lay & packages.

Let’s have a discuss about Definitions of Different types of fabric’s lay & packages. Tow type of lay according to primary method.   According to structure of fabric             Straight lay This type of lay are spread the spreading measurement by the full length of marker                        Stepped lay These types of fabrics are

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Discussions of the methods of fabric spreading

Discussions of the methods of fabric spreading’s

  Fabric spreading is so much important part of a garments industry to cut the fabric and sewing properly and proper shape. After spread the fabric, it’s ready to cut and make them desire look. Without spreading fabric not possible cut so many pieces of cloth at a time which way is important in garments

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List of different instruments used for drawing.

Drawing is a art which is related with so many industry to make the design or demonstration, presentation and many. Drawing open the opportunity to know some thing before some thing done how it will look like. drawing is perfect for make the future design. So many equipments are used in drawing lets have a

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Definition with classification of fashion drawing

Textile Drawing

Definition with classification of fashion drawing: Drawing is a vast word which is used from the starting time of mankind and its will be attached with us directly and indirectly. Drawing comes from an English word draw. The meaning of the drawing is design, sketch, graphic arts, painting etc. drawing is done by using some

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What is Panty? Top 10 panty Styles with HD Photo.

I’m going to discuss about What is Panty? Top 10 panty Styles with HD Photo. Panty is a specific designed for women undergarments which is like man underwear but those designed is different to make them comfort who worn this. Though the panties style or structure is like man underwear, but this is not completely

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Different Parts of Brassiere (Generally known as Bra).

Brassier is an essential undergarments for a girl or a women who want to keep her breast in shape and more attractive by looking sexy. Different type of person has different interest about different type of Brassiere but they don’t have a little knowledge about different part of brassiere. For those people I tried to

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35 Different types of Brassiere with HD photo.

Bra or Brassiere is specific undergarments for women which are typically used to support women breast! Keep it in shape and make them more fashionable with comfortable. Though bra is a specific lady under garments but some male bras also available today to buy and use by a man basically who is so much fat.

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